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Chapter 2 Dialects Dialects Three distinctive dialects are spoken in the various regions of former Yugoslavia. With which pen are you writing? Some verbs may be used both transitively and intransitively: Dete je otielo ka njemu. She is looking through the window. Moj se brat ofenio njome.

With which pen are you writing? When someone is addressed in writing, his or her name, title or rank is in the vocative, followed by a comma: Lets face it one of the best parts of entertainment for all of us is the Television. These changes are evident in the following instances: They told us to take care. Some verbs may be used both transitively and intransitively:

Are we not going to town? Video sam tvog tvojeg Jovana.

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Ne jedem hleb sa mesom. Dobro je popiti aaeu mleka pre spavanja. Mi volimo svoje sinove. Rjkbrjv fenjvj,bke Kolikom automobilu nht,f dtkbrf treba velika ufhf;f? Naea deca vole da idu u ekolu. Free online math tests for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

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Are you really going there? It is spoken by all Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Montenegrins, except in those regions already mentioned. With svasba verbs the two stems are identical, but with most they differ. Lf kb cndfhyj nfvj blti?


Ona je kupila knjigu. We were not able to help them. There are exceptions to this rule. About, in, on what? Maths online tests free. Livota ze nas This holiday will doZi ovaj odmor.

Why are you hurrying? Let them listen to him!

Drago mi je da ste doeli. HoZeE li da ideE sada na spavanje? They can buy the tickets over the internet. Consonants are pronounced similarly to English, with the following exceptions: However, this is not always a reliable method of understanding intention and it would be best to draw the meaning from the context itself. When the noun is in the singular the nominative case ffalosna used: The Croatian and Bosnian languages are of the Ijekavian dialect, written in the Latin alphabet.

He will come to my place tonight. Pf jlvjh bltvj Za odmor idemo yf yfit gkfdj na naee plavo vjht.

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When the vocal cords are 19 4 Pronunciation relaxed and are not vibrating, the consonant is said to be unvoiced or voiceless. On je sa sela.


The English letters q, w, x and y do not exist in the Serbian alphabet. Jy b jyf ce ct chtkb e gfhre. Singular Masculine Animate Nom. Yfi lheu, Gtnfh, hflb. Sezae li je se? Nominative Accusative m nfnf tata nfne tatu dad f vfvf mama vfve mamu mum Plural: Izabrala je haljinu po svom ukusu.

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The nominative case is used in reply to the following questions: In the ninth century, Serbian rulers, struggling for power, converted to Christianity and were baptised by priests from the Byzantine Empire. The instrumental case also has a long form. With those verbs, a j is inserted before the e ending of the present tense stem and in the formation of the passive participle: In the vocative singular: Descriptively, to indicate a feature or trait: