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This is only half of India, considering global figures will at least be times considering much higher consumption in US and Europe. Yyy no of people arrested by the police for indulging in anti social activities including destruction of public property. And all these women in my life, made it and continue to make it easier. After a round of playing, snacks were served. Also, everything you do, needs to involve as minimalistic exercise as possible and everything HAS to be done by a Shaartkut. It is not played in movie theaters in practically rest of the country.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The efforts directed at them were directly proportional to their resistance. While buying clothes, there somehow needs to be only 1 piece of garment per bag. So if you care, reuse wasted paper; redirect for recycling; do not print if not necessary; if necessary print on both sides. The three protagonists have distinct characters but are strangely bound by a very strong and committed friendship the basis of which has been faintly indicated in the movie. So much so, that the master vein Ring Road is now a world class impressive chain of flyovers and underpasses and a flawless read signal less ring of more or less 40km.

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To my Girl Friends, mitjaas hands I always had to hold. Cos we still do all this. Oh Chi overtook me. Any day of our life was so incomplete without them. Why did my son had to go to the US. Am I really that slow?


The Phirangs — A couple of Americans landed there while wandering in Chennai and had a local female friend who would rescue them in language crisis and otherwise. But they are portrayed to be eat- drink – together, sleep- together it is a U rated dpisode before you ask any questionspractically live- together kinds.

Hence, the above content is only a reflection of her fears. Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. They have made it fashionable. So let me speak on behalf of you as well! There needs to be an instinctive reflex in the way we treat our women. Yyy no of people arrested by the police for indulging in anti social activities including destruction of public property.


The day later 1 hour of consuming multiple varieties of cleaning material used to wash off colors from remote areas in ears, nose, back, even mouth. I know it is a regulatory requirement but if an average mind like mine could do the following calculation; does SEBI need to hire someone extraordinary?

Notify user via Email. It is very easy to get mad at you for writing this article and curse you for being unpatriotic and cynical, but I guess being an Indian also teaches you tolerance and wisdom enough to put our point across in a calm but reasonable fashion.

Very simple to envision but very difficult to implement eventually. Since I cannot celebrate it, the least I can do is reminisce in the nostalgia that bathes me more than those buckets full of water we threw on each other. All my girl friends since childhood — the ones in preschool, the neighborhood, school, college, tuitions, coaching centers, workplace, even the ones you made travelling in the chartered bus — every single one of them shared a moment with you which made you smile, added joy to your heart, made things and this world look simpler and better as she was there, just like you, going through the same cycles of life monthly and otherwise — studies, exams, boys, clothes, shoes, phone bills, papa ka dar, mummy ki dantthat professor who always picked you out in the class when you had forgotten to even bring the book, and then your boss — she had been through it all and knew exactly how you felt, making it seem like you are not alone, making her seem like your soulmate at that time.

The profits those people make adds pinks to their pockets, although there are some unfortunate who consume it and see the blues on their skin. One of those crazy days when I sleepwalk to Thiruvanmiyur Bus stand and saw u guys here. The Mach looks ok.


Ok back on and move. I always thought everyone in the world felt proud of where they came from — without having to wonder if it was justified. Pretty thin tyres and light. There was hardly anything we did without a bone of contention; when both of us came together only in our mutual hatred for our parents to bring the other one in this world.

So hope this makes the requisitioners happy episide satisfied for having an entire post dedicated to one movie. I love driving on Delhi roads!

Now let me fish for the cycle. Maa Beti – topics. I used to love the air around me, still slightly chilly from the shadow of the winters almost leaving the turf, but suddenly turning warm from the all the smiles dancing, holding hands of the festivities and the lightness it gave the heart from all the draka. Women who had some or the other role in my life in the past present and future. Being close to the end of the session, the shirt to be retired that year was to be worn on this day.

We read this note on Holi and trash it the next day, only to read it again next year. There would be enough mitbaas on the top of this anyways. This site uses cookies. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Metro Plus – Personality Archives. Bechari Episode 10 Ptv Home.