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Which is to say, moving in directions without physically moving, while not moving upwards. November 5, at 5: He exhibits all the symptoms of a Creative player in the game. Views View View source History. This is such a great support for me to command blocks and creating add-ons. It was just kinda short.

He is one of the major community icons of Minecraft. Comment Name Email Your rating: Tune in weekly for NEW episodes! June 15, at 3: It stated how Herobrine had appeared in someone’s single-player game, littering the map with various pyramids and tunnels. He has never existed.. To be honest, there has never existed a Herobrine. The wait is over.

July 16, at 8: November 1, at 6: However, most of these are written as if Minecraft itself is reality, rather than from the player controlling the avatar within the game.

However, as users were asked to submit their skins to appear in the trailer, this is likely not intentional. When Thodietho, Martin, Beau and Michael search for a miner who was reported missing they stumble through a sinister chain of events all while a mysterious Copeland then screamed and ran out of the room, promptly ending the stream.


Herobrine’s Terror (Horror) [Adventure] | Minecraft PE Maps

It stated how Herobrine had appeared in someone’s single-player game, littering the map with various pyramids and tunnels. Herobrine is near-certainly inspired by Slenderman padt, who is also the inspiration behind Endermen. This is indicated by the original source. Like most ghosts, it is likely he simply has no use for most methods of transportation. March 24, at 9: An ulterior motive was to troll the community, as this was around the time Herobrine had gained memetic status within the community.

Hte horror movie Paet LBproductions 3 years ago. Retrieved from ” https: Some rarer variations of this particular version says he breaks the player’s creations, and steals their items from chests.

In the Stalker variation, he stalks the player, disappearing if approached. November 4, at 3: Watch this video and you know the truth about him.

A Haunting S05E02 Angels and Demons | A Haunting Season 5 Episode 2 Angels and Demons

November 5, at 5: March 28, at 1: There are no ghosts! Steve vs Herobrine Full animation Skyfall 11 months ago. Herobrine was first stated to have been removed in Beta 1.


He proceeded to stream further, pretending to be scared. Minecraft Herobrine Movie Trailer 9waystreet 4 years ago.

So, once again, the same user asked for clarification, saying that the Minecraft community was “getting frustrated by the hero-spam”, to which Notch replied that he had no plans for adding Herobrine into the game. I created this video with the RU-clip Video Editor ru-clip. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Talk. Herobrine-il Film andrythemitic 7 years ago. It is unknown if Herobrine can swimuse horrrboats or Nether portals.

Herobrine’s Terror (Horror) [Adventure]

Of course it was just a dream. This flooded the livestream chat with outrage. December 30, at 5: November 11, at 8: Or, Herobrine is simply a figment of the users imagination.

Took me quite a while to make this and I’m really glad to finally share it with you guys.