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But for the past several decades, trouble has been brewing and the working class farming community has slowly morphed to true hopeless poverty. Beginning in the s, such lands became highly desirable as the railroads opened the west, and the prices of beef, cattle, and mutton rose sharply. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In the s Mexico won independence from Spain, and the area thus came under Mexican control. Joe shows little respect for the law. It contributes nothing to my appreciation of a novel when the author digresses for five pages every time a new character, however insignificant, wanders onto the page. Superb reading and funny as hell.

Retrieved February 16, from Encyclopedia. In Milagro, a small town in the American Southwest, Ladd Devine plans to build a major new resort development. The novel is genuinely funny. Let’s face it — life isn’t fair, and Amarante is living or would be, if he weren’t a fictional character proof of that fact. Retrieved August 19, The Milagro Beanfield War presents an impowering political commentary on life in northern New Mexico, but fails to tell a story with enough plot and movement to keep the reader engaged. Numerous Hispanos had already lost their lands because they could not pay the taxes.

The Milagro Beanfield War”.

I’m glad I waited 30 years. Everything is profane, and this book is quite profane. University of Oklahoma Press, FInally, I decided I needed a break, so I picked up another book and read it in my usual 3 to 4 days. A few minor changes from the book, but true to the spirit.

Quotes from The Milagro Beanf The characters are memorable and oh so flawed just like we all are in real life.

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Milton appears to be striving in these poems for a unification of the vision of two cultures; and I, for one, hope he achieves it as Coyote continues to cry in his future creations. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Mar 19, Arian rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: To be truthful, though, I do have a few minor regrets.


Instead of hauling in a hundred half-baked characters — and at least a dozen one-off characters who unnecessarily get backstories as full as the main characters — the film whittles it down to a manageable crew that still represents the gamut of personalities and types.

The Milagro Beanfield War by John Nichols

I wanted to love The Milagro Beanfield War because of its quirkiness, but the sheer number of characters and amount of back story was overwhelming. I still found the funny parts funny, but probably not as funny as the first time. When handyman and farmer Joe Mondragon accidentally breaks a water valve reserved for major companies, he inadvertently sets off a small-scale water-rights war bewnfield the farmers and the developers.

I think I want to visit New Mexico. This leads to a confrontation with powerful state interests, including a hired gun brought in from out of town. This article needs an improved plot summary. Indeed, these back stories turn out to be integral to the main plot.

The New York Timesfilm review”. Pacheco recovers, and after beafnield is established that Joe shot him in self-defense Joe is released. Views Read Edit View history.

For example, given the opportunity to rewrite this novel, for sure I would cut out two thirds of the cussing, which often seems gratuitous. As the fields waste away under the unforgiving sun, big time real estate developer Ladd Devine Richard Bradford swoops in and buys up all of the land for transformation into a giant resort. The cursing and foul language often creative is a turn-off, but the acknowledgment of nature as being good gook the soul kept me sunopsis.

I made it through slightly more than half of the book. Such lost communal land grants make up a large proportion of the more than four million acres of land that Hispanos are estimated to have lost in the period between and From the start, however, they were opposed by a mostly Hispano group of small farmers and others who believed that the project was unnecessary and who also knew that they could not afford to pay the conservancy taxes.


Published Beahfield 15th by Holt McDougal first published The original Ladd Devine is depicted as having used political influence during wra period to obtain, from the federal governmentthe lands once granted to Milagro. And downstate in the capital, the Anglo water barons and power brokers huddle in urgent conference, intent on destroying that symbol before it destroys their multimillion-dollar land-development schemes. Enmeshed in a culture they little understood, in procedures and standards mysterious and technical, they were powerless to resist Anglo-American encroachment, but their sense of justice was outraged, and their hostility took the form of growing resentment against the usurpers of their country.

Since, that is my home state and we don’t get a lot of publicity, I was intrigued. I was charmed by the nature descriptions.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What a fun read. This book is very funny. You had a great yarn, Nichols. The protagonist of this book is a biok community in northern New Mexico. This is a political book.

The Milagro Beanfield War

A few minor changes from the book, but true How could illegally irrigating a small field of beans cause such chaos and mayhem? Under the old system, land grants had been obtained by applying to the Spanish or Mexican governor; both individuals and villages could apply.

In another, much smaller, conservancy district was proposed in the area of the upper Rio Grande surrounding Taos. John Nichols has lived in Taos, New Mexico for many years.