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The video directing is excellent. Otello sourly tells her to ask him another time; as she persists, he grows impatient and says he has a headache. Otello enters the room; Iago, pretending not to notice him, says that he is deeply troubled. He literalized the concept and created one of his most distracting conceits. Was this review helpful to you? Season 4 Episode 1. For this performance he was awarded the Stalin Prize in

And while Dudamel was firmly in control, you also felt he was actively breathing with singers, finely attuned to their needs in any particular moment. Arturo Toscanini discography Arturo Toscanini: Opera Performances starring Placido Domingo. Further stagings of Otello soon followed at leading theatres throughout Europe and America. The process of writing the first drafts of the libretto and the years of their revision, with Verdi all along not promising anything, dragged on. Othello and Otello Liner notes.

Iago warns Cassio that he should leave unless he wants to see Otello.

Verdi’s Otello

Montano enters and says that Roderigo, with his dying breath, has revealed Iago’s plot. Cassio sees Otello from afar and goes discreetly away. He orders everyone away and finally collapses in a seizure.

Tenor Stuart Skelton made his Metropolitan Opera role debut at the house after having to cancel the opening night performance due to illness. An inn with a pergola, in the background the quayside and sea. Sher has been responsible for some great productions with some compelling directing and interesting characterisation, but while the direction is never continually dull and is never incoherent it is always easy to followthere is a lack of overall drama and suspense the climactic Act 3 ensemble being an exception with nothing new other than the bold move of not having blackface, static movement across the stage even Si Pel Ciel doesn’t send up a storm and too much blocking.


Verdi’s response, which came right away was quite blunt: Iago says that once, when he and Cassio were sleeping in the same room, he heard Cassio talking to Desdemona in a dream. Cassio exits, and Otello asks Iago how he should kill his wife.

Reflecting on his past glory he pulls out a dagger and otsllo himself, dying with a final kiss for his wife. Emilia helps the distraught Desdemona prepare for bed. Otello 17 Oct 7. During a violent storm, the people of Cyprus await the return of their governor and general of the Venetian fleet, the Moor Otello.

Performing Italian OperaChicago: Desdemona Jennifer Johnson Cano Lightning, thunder, gale force winds.

Read Synopsis Read Program. Desdemona and Emilia can be seen walking the garden. Otello coldly strangles her. Chad Shelton Tenor Montano Otello is shattered and vows that he will kill his wife.

Iago offers Cassio more wine, but Cassio says he has had enough. Otello and Desdemona by Alexandre-Marie Colin, Otello and Desdemona reaffirm their love. As an actor, and this is partly Bartlett Sher’s fault and also that Antonenko is not the most natural of actors, he spends almost the entire time looking awkward and bewildered, even looking stiff in the Act 1 duet where the romantic chemistry between him and Yoncheva is barely therehis only vivid acting being in his Act 3 solo scene and occasionally in the climactic Act 3 ensemble.

Gilda RobertsVerdi’s Theater: Worth ltello was Chad Shelton, whose strong and resonant tenor made him standout synopsls Rodrigo; his fine sound made it seem that perhaps he might be effective in a bigger role with greater responsibility.


For a moment it seems as if Otello’s ship will founder, to the delight of Otello’s treacherous ensign, Iago, but Otello arrives safely and announces that the Turkish fleet has been destroyed, and the Cypriots cheer Otello, chorus: Was this review helpful to you?

Montano is wounded and the fight is stopped only by the appearance of Otello. Skelton kicked off the Act in fine form vocally, his sound firm and strong. At this news, Otello loses control and explodes in a rage, hurling insults at Desdemona in front of the assembled crowd.

Desdemona carries Cassio’s request for reinstatement to Otello. The great dream has become reality”. This is the megropolitan where Jago takes off his mask and reveals his hatred for humanity; the essence of his evil. His compatriot Arnold Azrikan achieved his greatest recognition as a dramatic tenor in Otello.

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In May, Verdi “hit upon the precise form of one of the most famous entrances in all opera” [31] — Otello’s “Esultate”—in act 1. The two men join in an oath to punish Cassio and Desdemona.

He then asks “honest Iago” to explain how the duel began, but Iago says he doesn’t know. The four panels move about, shifting the stage to create new synipsis.