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We are working on a fix with Google. This release focuses on platform stability and compatibility, but future firmware releases will include enhanced support for full screen clock widgets aka, watch faces. Opening the MetaWatch application lets you tweak what widgets appear on the watch’s four home screens. Button functions are not obvious or intuitive. Soon, updated open source projects for all our recent work on iOS, Android, and the watch firmware will be made available. Write a customer review. Find all of our open source projects at GitHub.

Pros Delivers smartphone notifications to your wrist. Code contributions for any of our open source projects are welcome. Don’t see what you’re looking for? It wasn’t easy, though, since watch and phone would often lose connection. Much like the Pebble, it shows you notifications for emails, texts, and phone calls. In fact, if a bright light source sat directly behind me, I ran the risk of beaming blinding reflections straight in my eyes. MetaWatch Manager MWM for iOS now supports improved calendar alerts and periodic every 15 minutes to minimize phone battery drain Gmail email notifications.

Your other phone Apps can get access to the widget and Application mode of your watch so that they can extend their own interfaces to wrist.

Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch Strata Smartwatch

This slim “smart” activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen If you don’t know what Daces is, this one is not for you. The MetaWatch Strata is a feature-rich smartwatch that can put a wealth of information and smartphone notifications on your wrist, but it’s not quite as intuitive to use as some competitors.

We think we shipped to all of our backers who completed the survey. Support Select this reward. What is on the outside stfata just as important as what is on the inside. It will also come with a JTAG in-circuit debugging tool in addition to the standard charger. Best Wearable Tech for Of course you can opt to see a full-screen clock, or half-screen calendar and metawach data.


Join a hot company in one of the fastest growing segments of mobile devices. You can swim in our prototype: We still need your help to make Strata the ultimate smart sportwatch for smartphones.

Supports time and calendar widgets. Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X: That said, you get the same controls in any inline remote found on many of today’s headphones. However, the underlying platform has a footprint for the MFi encryption chip. One lights the LED that illuminates the face, making viewing at night or other poorly lit areas my cave much easier.

If you choose a reward that does not include the new Stealth color, don’t worry, when you get the survey at the end, it will be listed there also remember Stealth doesn’t ship until November. Hooking it up to my phone was easy enough.

Use MetaWatch smartwatches as an extension of your own app or web service to display relevant yet unobtrusive information to your users. Help make this a reality and get exclusive updates and announcements. Posted Nov 27, Your pledge will be watdh to complete the bluetooth stack, user interface, remote protocol, SDKs for app developers, and to run radio regulatory testing and certification for major markets.

Also frustrating was how the weather widget stubbornly displayed the forecast for Dallas, not my local New York City weather info.

You can even straha one show the current battery level of your handset. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Our passion for design is why we spend so much time mtawatch the details like the geometry, materials, and finishes. I had a bumpy ride taking this watch for a spin and ran into numerous glitches and unexplained malfunctions along the way.


By putting caps in place, we can be quite accurate in projecting when watches will ship.

Metawatch STRATA Smartwatch First Impressions and Gallery – Droid Life

We can provide more details as we develop the software that you are funding. That’s especially true compared with the svelteness of the Sony Smartwatch 0. View All metqwatch Photos in Gallery. Susan Kare began her career at Apple, Inc. These development tasks are spread out among expert teams all over the world. We have ordered the long lead time materials required to mass produce the design and we’re getting ready to launch it!

And while the MetaWatch offers a more customizable watch face with an array of useful widgets, like weather and calendar updates, the added functionality can sometimes get in the way of usability. After opening the all-black box that the watch is stored in, you find just the watch itself, USB charger, and a small brief instructional guide.

Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch Strata Smartwatch

Have one to sell? Its customizable widgets will be a boon for some, but others might find it too complex for a device meant to simplify your relationship with your smartphone.

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