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The host of this show is an elegant, lively and charming lady. I was completely captivated by this show. His having been there for Mine was not from the goodness and generosity of his heart but his obsession of this young girl right from the 1st time he laid eyes on her. I agree with you would like Mine to fall in love with Timur for he put his life on hold all these years for her. He is a self-serving person and would make a rotten husband for anyone, unless he were to grow up and become less selfish. And if so is there an English version? I loved Kurt Seyit and Sura but hated how they were kept from each other.

Did Derin or Timurs father kill him. She is also such a good actress. Although Timur is such a fantastic actor and so were a lot of the others. He was loyal to Mine but she kept pushing him away for stupid assumptions. Will there be more? I could not wait to find season 2 and reading the comments from viewers, it seems this is the norm to end the stories without any ending.

Lara September 6, at No merecemos q nos dejen sin continuacion. So stupid, my 3rd Turkish show that i am watching and has a very negative ending. No doubt eisode my mind Timur did it — I wish they would show where Sinan survives and they put Timur in jail forever.

I believe it was Derin who shot him. Jodie April 6, at 6: I am so mad at this ending!! Denise November 27, at 3: This is such a good series with lots of devious spiteful people.


Vidpk epiode Pakistani Entertainment Portal. So many really good ones on currently. Saima January 14, at 2: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. A hairy armed man reached out with the gun. Asma Agha Talal Adnan Jilani Beautiful and interesting stories.


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Lorraine December 16, at Timur, on the other hand was manipulative. It leaves your audience frustrated because we cannot finish any of the Turkish series.

I have watched multiple series and find there are other series and cannot figure out where to view them. Baaghi Drama is the best drama telecast Do they not believe in happy endings in Turkey? Never having been to Turkey, I love the views In and around Istanbul and the view of Turkish culture. There were parts that just had me irritated that I skipped through but all in all very good, I think Derin shot Sinah and I loved that Mine and Turah finally got together because Sinah was too hot headed but did not like that it ended with uncertainty not knowing if there will be a continuation.

Not sure I want to watch anymore Turkish shows. Although it is an arranged marriage agreed only on paper, Mine and Timur become attracted to each other as the story develops. A new mode of entertainment, where you will live among the stars with beautiful and interesting stories. Not sure if it is The End though as Netflix has a bad habit of hooking me on these Turkish dramas and then withholding the subsequent episodes. Watched almost all of them on Netflix.

Wilayat E Ishq Episode 19 Fars yaabasaleh 6 years ago. That is the same but true story at least. Please make a Season 2. She probably went to greener pastures.


Not even the girl in the kidnapping had the amount of pain and suffering Sinan had. None of the loved Mine in the end I ended up disliking her myself, I hope no young woman watched this show and think it was okay to do what she and her family done to that young man and his son even after they had more than enough chances to fix it.

And the person to shoot Sinan was probably the boy who wanted to take revenge. Its an another lovely Turkish show on NetFlix. I like your ending. Welcome to the official channel of URDU 1! Nahid April 22, at 5: So glad his daughter turned around. Lily August 25, at 4: So he have mini and Hansen all to himself. Will Mine and Timur learn to love each other in a marriage agreed only on paper?

How do you know it was the last one? It did not seem like a good ending at all, too many questions left unanswered!

My favorite character was Sinan.

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Sinan is laying there dying and no one calls I like my ending to this story better. I did not find him selfish at all. How will we ever know? I thought Timur was a widow.

Eugenia July 15, at Carole January 11, at 4: I just finished watching the last episode of The Girl I loved.