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Similar optical forces allow the simulation of quantum many-body physics, where recent experiments are approaching a level of complexity that cannot be modelled with conventional computers. Your time and efforts are appreciated! Russell ; Max-Planck Inst. The program starts with informal networking during lunch and then transitions into speed meetings small, brief visits with executives to discuss careers, industry trends or other career topics. Photoreceptor imaging is feasible due to refractive-index discontinuities across the retinal layers. We demonstrate four-wave mixing wavelength conversion in silicon-rich nitride waveguides which are a promising alternative to silicon for nonlinear applications. Schawlow Prize in Laser Science Recipient Using Light to Build Quantum Networks of Atoms, Christopher Monroe, Joint Quantum Institute and University of Maryland, USA For pioneering research in the use of lasers to realize the elements of quantum information processing with trapped atomic ions, including demonstrations of remote entanglement for quantum communication protocols and use of frequency combs for high-speed qubit manipulation and entanglement.

Raisanen, Grover Swartzlander ; Rochester Inst. The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies IYL 05 is a global initiative to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, communications, and health. Monday, 9 October FMG. Monday, 9 October 0: An on-chip concept of supercapacitor electrical energy storage integrated with solar cells using thin-film graphene oxide was demonstrated. Self-focusing caused trapping in multiple plasma periods. We theoretically investigate the sub-cycle electron dynamics in orthogonally polarized two-color laser fields by exact solution to the 3D TDSE. We demonstrate the ability for spectroscopic photoacoustic imaging to detect the presence of metastases in murine lymph nodes based on functional and, with the introduction of targeted nanoparticle contrast agents, molecular expressions.

The proposed method enables us to obtain an accurate spectral Stokes vector of a thin film object in msec.

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As examples, we discuss the use of dynamic modulation for the purpose of creating non-reciprocal response as well as an effective gauge field for photons. A new erythema index assessment algorithm is proposed and clinically validated. Optics is among medizport oldest branches of science, and yet remains among the most fruitful. The waveguides were written without using a laser.


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We observe a novel type of multi-party entanglement constraint relations for arbitrary N-qubit pure state systems. Extending the dimensionality of high harmonic generation HHG measurements is cnema for revealing complex attosecond dynamics. Light as a means for propagating high amounts of computing data, is recognized today as the most promising direction for solving this paradigm. Lohmannan OSA Fellow Emeritus known for his contributions to the fields of optical information processing and holography.

Raman-effect dominant states occur between a vi of stable Kerr comb formation.

It has provided either new phenomena or new technology that underpin many of the major discoveries in physics over the past years. We demonstrate imaging of multiple spectrally overlapping fluorophores in mouse cortex, in vivo.

We have developed a meeiaport sensor in which eight slits are projected on a surface obliquely and their image is detected by an area sensor. We report the first experimental demonstration of encoded coherent diffractive imaging using a series of randomly coded masks. It explores dispersion compensation at interesting wavelengths such as within the mid-ir.

Ccerone analyze single-photon fundamental, second and third harmonic light scattered out the side of an intense laser focus, interacting with individual free electrons.

Singh, Raktim Haldar, Shailendra K.

Illumination patterns are used to drive electrothermal flows for sorting and manipulating particulates for Lab-on-Chip applications. The Editors will be available to answer questions, hear your ideas, and discuss any comments about the journals.

Photodynamic therapy is a selective therapy modality for human malignancies. It was endowed in 98 by Herbert Finema. We identify structural and dynamical features in molecular HHG spectra, and resolve the contributions of multiple ionization channels. Mediaporh growing applications of nanoparticles in energy and healthcare demand new metrology techniques with improved sensitivity and requirement of lower sample concentration.

Monday, 9 October FMG. Live cell and low contrast target imaging at ficerone low-light levels are demonstrated experimentally. Tellurite hybrid microstructured optical fibers with a buffer layer around the core kediaport developed to provide invariant chromatic dispersion to the fluctuation of core diameter and maintain the broad gain bandwidth of fiber-optical parametric amplification.


Tailored Medixport N multi-quantum well structures are characterized using low temperature photoluminescence spectroscopy. Your time and efforts are appreciated! He has published over refereed journal articles and has given over 70 invited talks, and was granted 53 US patents. We demonstrate a direct distinguishing feature of circularly polarized light through a single nano-aperture. Jeff Kimble ; Inst. Check at the OSA booth to see if there is still space available.

For measuring concentration of LDL cholesterol which elevates viscosity of blood vessel, we applied extraordinary optical transmission EOT sensor. Kristan Corwin; Kansas State Univ.

We have developed an all-optical approach to measure material mechanical properties using Brillouin light scattering. By utilizing a judicious balance between gain, loss and nonlinear effects, such self-trapped states remain stable over long distances. He is the author of Peer Instruction: Syed Murshid; Florida Inst.

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We fabricated a 3-D monolithically integrated optofluidic laser in a fused-silica chip using femtosecond laser pulses. Cknema diffractive optical elements ideal for fast prototyping can be manufactured as binary, multiple-step or kinoform phase structures. To move gravitational-wave detection beyond the realm of impossibility, we have just finished construction on Advanced LIGO, a pair of 4 km arm length laser interferometers capable of measuring displacements approaching m at their most sensitive frequencies, redefining the meaning of extreme precision measurement.

Lomonosov Moscow State Univ. An on-chip concept of supercapacitor electrical energy storage integrated with solar cells using thin-film graphene oxide was demonstrated. We describe a wave-sensor implementation of conjugate emdiaport optics applicable to widefield i. The 04 activity reports will be presented and the results of the 05 Board of Directors election will be announced.