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And we had to wait years for them to make the last 21 episodes. Cat Soup, 30 minutes of a dope trip. A lot of them are up on YouTube if you wanna check them out. And it was all emotional and shit in an awesome way! Naruto is all right to a point. What did you think of the Culture Festival arc? Check Also doubles as a childhood friend Oujo who is holier than thou?

It’s just all a matter of finding something you enjoy, like you would any form of entertainment Wrapped up Diabolik Lovers , and aside from being the worst vampire thing ever, it’s one of the worst anything ever. Check out “Aim For the Top! Why can’t all anime be as epically good as Trigun and Cowboy Bebop? Also, it makes no sense whatsoever and is totally awesome. Now all I’m wondering is how it isn’t classified as hentai, but ecchi when it has exposed breasts and sexual interactions all the time. But only if you take off your thinking cap and put a dunce one on.

Also, check out Umineko. How are they to be punished? Also, Gundam 08th MS Team.

Watched some Baka to Test myself. Oops, brain fart there. Pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the hell out of that first episode. But I guess the third is better than the second, in my opinion. I haven’t seen SS. And to think I could have been watching a children’s card game instead Might not be as good as the first season or met my expectations but what ever does for something highly anticipated?


I just finished watching episode 24 of Black Lagoon. Though there’s still a lot of facepalms while watching.

One Room – Would you like your dinner?

He is a force of negativity for the sake of negativity. Have those checks in triplicate. I finished Soul Eater.

I watched the entire series and I found myself enjoying it more than I thought. Shit, school have been eating me.

Ani,inkz if you want a decent, short, supernatural mystery anime.

Yutrzenika on June 24, The last two episodes skip horribly I chkki Volume 1, and 2 of Black Lagoon. Have to check it out sometime.

I just can’t help noticing the vhiki between the two. Shouldn’t your anime be more important than everything else? Also, watching Paranoia Agent with my girlfriend. I’m still working on Monster.

Anime Thread

It’s a shame but it’s so Worth watching, as long as you don’t mind killing bits of your soul. Jetraymongoose on February 01, Ninja’d while reading; good play senor, good play. Lambeth on August 25, But there are better ways to watch anime, like torrents. Hardly the same though, but a pretty good first episode. By Kolni September 20, Might be because everyone in the Anime Society quotes it.


See this is the reason why I never bring up Ro-Kyu-Bu in polite conversation. Also, there are demons and angels. One day I’ll watch the original Gundam and Macross when I can be assed to find them. Helps if you read the light novels. Oh, and Grenadier, which really is a series TZ should watch, if only because it redefines Hug of Doom! I tried watching Desert Punk but couldn’t get past the almost non stop gonk-ification http: The only thing I want to see on that list is Mirai Niki.

It looks like everything is hand-drawn and that OP? Whether your the one liking or the one rejecting. Holaa, como les ah ido? I never could stand the show. Well at least I know it works so I can sell it. Hailfax on September 04, If it’s like Episoode but with cute girls, I’m sold.