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Redwall by Brian Jacques. During a particularly harsh winter, an army of Rats, led by Cluny the Scourge , attacked his village. Within the cave Matthias and the Pursuers After seven seasons, things were going peacefully at Redwall. Start your free trial. Meanwhile, Brome and Felldoh washed up somewhere else, meeting the Rosehip Players, a traveling circus who agreed to help them free the slaves of Marshank.

Badrang and Clogg finally meet, pretending to be the other’s friend, but they both soon skirmish and Clogg retreats intending to take Marshank from his rival. And uses her as a way to make the Redwallers think an attack is coming from straight on, when really it is coming from the ground. Scooby-Doo Where Are You? The slaves are thrown into a dank cell. The Clone Wars, Season 5. Matthias unravels the last secret of the Loamhedge parchment and finds a way into Malkariss – The Old Rabbit’s amulet is the key to enter! A young mouse named Matthias lives at Redwall Abbey.

In fact, he bet Matthias that if he got the sword, he would give up eating mice and shrewsas well as apologise to Julian Gingivere, a vegetarian cat who used to be friends with Snow, until he banned Snow from his home because of his manners and taste in food. Matthias stole the sheath from the Sparra, killing Bull Sparra in the process, and befriended a young Sparrow named Warbeak. Television in Canada portal. En route to Noonvale, the company made many friends, such as the Warden of Marshwood Hill and Boldred the owl and enemies like the uncivilized episodd lizards and the rogue Gawtrybe.

But one night, as the Redwallers were celebrating, they were interrupted by the masked fox, Slagar the Cruelwho was previously known as Chickenhound, who entered Redwall with a band of rodents, drugged everyone and kidnapped all of their children.

Brian Jacques’ Redwall, Vol. 2

Company returned to Redwall with the young ones and slaves. Matthias and the others are warned by a crazy old rabbit that danger lies ahead. However, Cluny had nightmares about Martin and Matthias for as long as the tapestry was in his possession.

The slaves are taken by black-robed rats from Malkariss.


The Fur and Freedom Fighters returned to Noonvale, where it will remain a secret, while Martin continued on his own path. Brome and Felldoh wind up not far away and are taken in by the Rambling Rosehip Players, led by the hare Ballaw de Quincewold and the badger Rowanoak. Below the cliffs, Matthias meets Sir Harry the owl who 55 a way to ascend them.

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Matthias’s raft drifts towards the rats on shore, watched in horror by Martimeo and friends as the arrows fall and the fish nibble. A tribe of dormice are killed and eaten off by Asmodeus. Matthias finally is able to go get the sword from the adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth.

Elmtail voice Tim Curry Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. Reminiscing on his past life, he remembers how his family was very poor. Mattimeo is punished jattimeo his father for discourtesy to a guest. In the lands of the Marshank coast, the terrible Badrang the Tyrant was increasing his piracy attacks, forcing Luke the Warrior, Eisode father, to go out to sea to combat the sea rats. The Simpsons, Season 3.

Mattimeo and his companions race to the landslide beneath which their parents are buried, and are seen by Slagar who sends rats to recapture them. Matthias, after a brief return to the Abbey, set off on an expedition to find the sword, with help from the Guosim.

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This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat Darkclaw, Killconey, and Fangburn think about taking over with Cluny ‘out of service’. Slagar craftily sets his henchrats against each other and prepares to take all the slave profits himself. Mattimeo is punished by his father for discourtesy to a guest.

Slagar takes his slaves on circuitous routes, laying false trails to confuse the pursuers. Matthias and the others figure out that Malkariss is what once was Loamhedge Abbey. Meanwhile, Cornflower discovered Martin’s old battle-armour in an abbey attic. Once Matthias is back the final battle begins.

At Redwall Abbey the hostages are exchanged but Ironbeak treacherously uses the diversion to take over a section of the abbey. Mattimeo and his companions race to the landslide beneath which their parents are buried, and are seen by Slagar who sends rats to recapture them.


Brian Jacques’ Redwall, Vol.

See also TV Schedule. Slagar reaches The Abyss and forces the slaves across a rope bridge, cutting it away behind him. Separated from his family, Matthias saw Cluny just before he was rescued by his sister and, with advice from voles, travelled to Redwall Abbey, with the memory of Cluny still fresh in their minds. The inhabitants of Redwall begin to figure out clues from the spirit of Martin the Warrior.

As his father sets Throughout this period, Cluny had been using various tactics to try to take over Redwall, including tunnelling in, using a battering ram, blackmailing a spice-merchant dormouse to kidnap Cornflower as ransom, burning the gates, using a siege tower, and sneaking his soldiers in with a visiting local circus. They followed Asmodeus to the large quarry. Cluny gets the vixen Sela and her son, Chickenhound, to heal his leg.

Episode 4 Found…and Lost Mattimeo and the matttimeo make their first attempt to escape, valiantly led by Tess Churchmouse, and Mattimeo takes another short step towards his birthright of leadership. List of Redwall episodes. The eppisode, Sir Harry, comes to their rescue when vultures attack them. List of Redwall characters. Brome’s sister, Laterosealso known as Rose, and her friend, the mole Grumm, also arrived and began digging their way into the prison pit while Clogg began his siege.

Rebellion is planned among the slaves – but there is a traitor in their midst – DRUWP, a surly bankvole who plans to betray them to Badrang.

Matthias learns that the snake Asmodeus has the sword. Cluny is killed in the end, so is the rest of Cluny’s rat, stoat weasels are mentioned but are never seenand epissode horde. In Redwall, Stryk recovers slowly and becomes a close friend of Cornflower.