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TxzulebaTa sruli krebuli 10 tomad, IX, Tbilisi: Bearing a sophisticated system of images, these liturgical robes created a micro-cosmos of the church space, which was included into the sacred milieu of the real huge church the Moscow cathedral and revealed their true meaning in the liturgical movement. SeuZlebelia drois, rogorc me—4 ganzomilebis arseboba, 3 ganzomilebiani sivrcis sigrZe, sigane, simaRle ganfenilobis gareSe. Temistiosi bakuriusis mosvlas saxavs, rogorc aRmosavleTSi e. Tumca orive mecniers es TariRi gagebuli aqvs, rogorc weli. The latter was covered by gilded brass plates and adorned by a venerated icon of this saint. However, a more striking indication to the spatial context of the image one might find in the eloquent juxtaposition of the liturgical chalice and the cupola of the Byzantine church, that also bore Pantocrator image.

Sevida igi romis samsaxurSi. Sua zRvai vnaxeo qarTuli xalxuri poezia That activity went far beyond ordinary commission and should become a subject of intensive research, based on a sequence of historical reconstructions of particular projects of sacred space. Intention to re-create in small forms iconic concept of a particular sacred space reflects, in my opinion, a fundamental principle of the Eastern Christian visual culture. After the analysis of the publications it becomes clear that there are some important items for the process of national consolidation: Mmetafora pacientisTvis imdenad komfortulia, ramde- nadac sakuTar sabanao xalaTsa da flostebSi yofna. Sesabamisad, kognitiuri metaforis kvleva fokusi- rebda zogadi mepingebis aRmoCenaze da ara am mepingebis gamomxatveli specifikuri lingvisturi gamoTqmebis amomwurav aRweraze.

Zalian saxalisoa Semdegi pasaJic am korespondenciaSi: Sesabami- sad, igi sjis usamarTloebs, arawesierebs, usindisoebs da icavs samarTliani, wesieri, sindisieri cxovrebis wesis mimdevarT. Svili mxolod mamulisaTvis iyo, misi sicocxlec da sikvdilic dedas mamulisaTvis hqonda gamiznuli. At least, the existence of such a tradition makes it possible to explain very similar structure qartuladd the inner space in Hindu temples and Christian churches, that could not be understood in terms of historical influences.

Semdeg isev grZeldeba msjeloba wyaros sandoobis Sesaxeb. In result of investigation of historical sources and special literature it qartular ascertained that the number of participants of the conspiracy, in fact, is higher than it had been previously known.

The hierotopical concept seems quite obvious and can not be reduced to a well-known phenomenon of urban processions. Aarqeologiuri gaTxrebi, Cans, warmatebuli iyo im masalebis mixedviT Tu vimsjelebT, rasac Cveni kolegebi warmogvidgenen, magram Cveni ganaskuTrebuli yuradReba miipyro erTma Zeglma, kerZod, gorgonas gamosaxulebianma antefiqsebma.

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Creators of that enormous sacred space combined in their project an iconic image and a precise replica, presenting both Byzantine and Western hierotopical traditions Ousterhout Samanizmi, bibliuri legendebi, dedaRvTisas xateba, triq- sterebis miTosi, aseve skandinaviuri da amerikeli indielebis miTosi.


The scenes are singularly disturbing, sometimes macabre in their depiction of battlefield horror, and represent an outraged conscience in the face of death and destruction.

Tavad meduzas portretulma gamosaxulebebma erTgvari saxecvlilebebi ganicades droTa ganmavlobaSi da sxvadasxva konteqstidan gamomdinare, gansxvavebuli ier-saxiT moaRwies Tanamedroveobamde. Aavtori ar cdilobs gansakuTrebuli da axali siuJeti Seqmnas, aramed mxolod axleburad gadmogvcems ambavs.

Many of these depict miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua set in the cilm of contemporary Madrid. Llela gavicani gasuli saukunis ian wlebSi, roca i.

That image- paradigm was not connected with illustration of any specific text, though it included a lot of literary and symbolic meanings and associations. Mmomdevno metaforaSi Cancer is a low bullet wound to the skull — simsivne TavSi nasrol tyviasTan aris asocirebuli.

Rome was then the cultural capital of Europe and held all the prototypes of classical antiquity, while Spain lacked a coherent artistic direction, with all of its significant visual achievements in the past. Reistield, Gary, Wilson, George. According to this story Parnavaz was anointed by the sun’s royal glory i.

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Tamaris saqarTvelo is qveyanaa, saidanac adamianis giorgi rusis eqsoria SeiZleba Seedaros edemis baRidan, kacobriobis pirvelsamSoblodan, Semcode adamisa da evas gandevnas. In spite of adopting Christianity, Georgians are proud of the pagan king Parnavaz, whose name is associated with the foundation of the first Georgian state, declaration Georgian the State language and creation of the Georgian alphabet.

It should only trace some ideas of mine for the futures research and to trace my general observation on the topic. Aaq mas acnobes areulobis Sesaxeb azerbaijanSi mdebare xoisa da salmasSi.

Every spatial phenomenon should be perceived as a result of creative efforts of several masters. When medieval historians deal with Western Georgia we should use Egrisi.

Cndeba bunebrivi eWvi, rom gvirgvinis kurTxeva saswrafod moxda. In his unpublished art he seems to have railed against what he saw as a tactical retreat into Medievalism. Tu premodernuli xanis saqarTveloSi saero msoflio da sasuliero erTmaneTs upirispirdeboda, axla saero saqme, igive, sasuliero saqmed aRiqmeba, mas moaqvs ukvdaveba.

Tumc metaforasa da gamocanas Soris maincaa gansxvaveba: Cveulebriv movle- nebs miekuTvneba sagnebis bunebrivi Tvisebebi: Sveicarieli mwerali, filosofosi Carlz boneromelsac piradad icnobda adam smiTi Sexvda Jene- vaSi welsTavis erT cnobil nawarmoebSi werda: The collective memory, New-York Tu gadagdebuli ara, igi dakarguli mainc aris.


Lectures on Jurisprudence, ed. This type of physical frightfulness is practically the same in all its archaic representations, whether of a myth, mask, or single full figure. At the moment of communion the image had to appear in the fluctuating liquid as a visible testimony of the Eucharistic miracle of the transubstantiation of wine into the blood of Christ.

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WumburiZis redaqciiT, Tbilisi Metaphor identification and analysis, classification and quantification. It is this background against which the reasons of the defining the political frontiers of Kartli, their mafrica, the localization of the centers and the interchanging of their places must be studied, against the same background must be studied the movement of the Georgian tribes and their mutual infiltration.

Under his reign his qarhulad Louisa was thought to have had the real power, and thus ,atrica placed her at the center of the group portrait. Kkvirikesa da sultans Soris zavi rom dadebuli yofiliyo, qarTveli mefe, albaT, ver gabedavda Zlieri mfarvelobis qveS myofi kvirikes teritoriebis darbevas da TviT mefis da misi Zmebis mimarT represiebis Catarebas.

Karbelashvilihistorian Temo Jojua identified the small domed cave church, at a distance of some 60 m.

Now in your case, there is a man who, rejecting his ancestral throne — and that of no obscure kingdom — comes as a wanderer to bear arms: Jambattista Vico has different opinion, emphasizing the verbal traditions, repetitions and not recollections, as the point of memory.

Cveni azriT, aq saubaria eTnikurobis anu kulturuli erTobis gaqarwylebaze da ara erTobis fizikuri azriT mospobaze.

For instance, such an enormous phenomenon as the dramaturgy of lighting goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional disciplines.

No less important is the issue of religious and national models of hierotopy. Tanamedrove saqarTvelos magaliTze ucxoeli mkvlevrebi akeTeben daskvnas, rom qarTul sazogadoebaSi Zalian didi adgili ukavia lingvistur nacionalizms. Museum Helveticum Bd 35 Unknown Pages of History Summary ……………………………………………. The Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbance. L loseva da sidorova