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Matlock and Tyler both found out that part of Linda’s deception is in location of the kidnapping of her own son. Cassie begs her boss to take the case. Nowhere to Turn 2 In the conclusion, Matlock defends himself on the murder charges from the dead judge who had held him in contempt. Jason Beghe as Thomas Creighton. The Final Affair 2 In the conclusion, Matlock continues to work on if the archbishop was meant to die in a plot including an ex-football player, his wife, her lover, and the mafia. While Michelle continues to defend Matlock for the murder of Judge Price, Conrad gets a job as a bartender but failed to cooperate with the FBI, which led to his temporary arrest. Matlock knew Sam Spelvin Geoffrey Blake since he was only 6, so he’s more than happy to consult on his client’s play Lovers and Lawyers.

He’s convinced that the man murdered the woman, and has a hard time convincing the police that the man he saw through the window was not the woman’s husband, whom Matlock had also seen through the window earlier that day. This is Carol Huston ‘s first appearance as Jerri Stone. This was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. Matlock also discovers a lieutenant Cliff De Young , along with four other officers, dealing in illegal situations. The Author When an attempt is made on the life of an author of a book exposing citizens of a small town, Matlock is called in to defend the suspected killer. Matlock, having returned to law practice, hires Billy Wheeler Randy Travis to paint his house. Tim Crider Christian Clemenson — who gave him permission to steal the formula — was never fired in the first place.

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At the end of the episode, she says that she decided not to get married yet. As it turns out, no one does, since charges are dismissed. Shortly after, the body of another fired co-worker, Doug Levitt Leon Russomis found, and Matlpck is the first suspect. Tyler’s also very suspicious of Linda’s plots.

The Investigation 2 Craig continues to turn away from his father as Matlock keeps trying to investigate the case. With the one phone call, Matlock insisted the desk clerk Wayne Duvall to locate Conrad, in the same ballroom where Michelle and Julie were, who must go to a small town called Looperwillow, to bring Matlock back home, but more trouble came along when a young man got into a car accident and Conrad was taken to the sheriff’s office, where the sheriff overheard, none of them has a car to drive back to Atlanta and they were all broke, fortunately for Matlock, Conrad and Mrs.


Leanne has her father keep the three suspects occupied with stories of previous cases, while she and Cliff investigate. When that happens, Matlock immediately defends him and to house the country legend in his place. Ben dreams that he, Leanne, Cliff and Billy are in and are involved with the murder of a sax player.

The Witness Killings 1 Matlock goes back to his hometown for a family reunion, but things turn tragic when a good friend of his nephew’s son dies, and his rival is charged with the murder.

Edward Hanna Richard Herdwas once a fine cop and had won many honors.

Matlock reluctantly represents her. Add to Watchlist Added. When she is killed a second time, Ken is arrested again. Her death is blamed on a poor black local named Calvin Stokes Arnold Johnson. Brynn Thayer and Daniel Roebuck do not appear in this episode. Because they spend so much time together, Matlock assumes that she grabbed Doug’s trench coat by accident. Matlock becomes very suspicious when Carter asks him to step aside and have the son of another lawyer they are both familiar with take his place.

The Fighter When fighter Billy Leon is accused of murdering reporter Nick Underwood, a man he thought was his friend but announced in the paper that he was using steroids, Matlock agrees to take him on as a client.

They can enjoy a good crime yarn without being visually victimized. Later, Ben discovers a different motive and suspect gigo,o the killing. Cash turns out that Jeffrey Spidell is the one who is trying to kill him. When a man Tony Maggio is determined to bring back the sixties is accused of murdering the mayor, Matlock travels to Chicago to represent him.

When a murder occurs at the gathering, Matlock has to prove that one of his former classmates murdered another. This is the first appearance of Conrad McMasters. David Kaufman as Mark Randall.

The Gigolo

Then, her ex-husband shows up, and threatens to take her son away by going to court. Even the murders and fights have a leisurely caet.

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Lloyd Burgess, Parker Stevenson as Dr. Duncan and Clara Farmington seemed to have the perfect marriage. It turns out that giigolo real killer was Chet Sellers, a photographer at the paper and a high school dropout, who discovered that Ross and Reverend Wesley Masters were conspiring together concerning a picture he had taken, and he killed him.


Jerri’s sister Rachael Annie Fitzgerald comes to Atlanta looking for help when she is fired from her job as a nurse after a doctor blames her for a mistake that cost a surgery patient her kidney. Michael Durrell as D. Meanwhile Charlene blows her chance at a relationship with Paul. When Sandra Taylor Susan Htethe manager of a thoroughbred farm is murder, her father Claude Akins strongly insist Matlock, that he represent the mentally handicapped young man Don Swayze accused of the murder.

Matlock reluctantly represents Ellis Blake Mitch Ryana disagreeable millionaire who’s accused of murdering his daughter’s blackmailing fiancee, Jeffrey Holden Russ Anderson.

The cases keep you entertained without going out of control. A young boy from El Salvador asks him for a lift into Oak Creek.

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The Chef Matlock agrees to defend Victoria Edwards after he ex-husband, Michael dies while tasting food on her cooking show. Ben realizes that someone is trying to set him up. This is Kari Lizer ‘s final episode. Matlock is a cool glass matlkck Iced Tea served in the jury gigo,o. The Final Affair 1 Matlock tries to find out if the archbishop was gigoo to die in a plot involving an ex-football player, his wife, her lover, and the mafia.

A comedian named Harvey Chase Milton Berle is accused of murdering another comic who insulted him, and Ben defends him. But before Marv has a chance to talk to the arsonist again, he cash up dead outside his daughter’s wedding reception, and Sid gets blamed. Michelle’s poetic, corruptive boyfriend, Arthur Saxon S.

Conrad learns there is another connection between Yolanda and Kendall. Anne Collins Story by: Later, a man wearing a Santa suit enters the businessman’s office building and kills him. After Dan Galloway James Harper fired the executive producer and humiliated three women on the air, he gets murdered, and the suspects are not running short. The Prisoner 2 In the conclusion, Matlock finds the gigolp inside the prison and Conrad works on the outside to clear the guard to keep Matlock safe.

However, he makes her promise to get therapy and warns her he’ll never do her another favor again.