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Callout [ data i , label , pos ]. Remove Add a file to this post. Community posts can be styled and formatted using the Markdown syntax. Give Feedback Top Thank you for your feedback! Annotation [ data i , label ]. Annotation [ data i , label ] provide an annotation for the data Button [ data i , action ] define an action to execute when the data is clicked Callout [ data i , label ] label the data with a callout Callout [ data i , label , pos ] place the callout at relative position pos EventHandler [ data i , … ] define a general event handler for the data Hyperlink [ data i , uri ] make the data a hyperlink Labeled [ data i , label ] label the data Labeled [ data i , label , pos ] place the label at relative position pos Legended [ data i , label ] identify the data in a legend PopupWindow [ data i , cont ] attach a popup window to the data StatusArea [ data i , label ] display in the status area on mouseover Style [ data i , styles ] show the data using the specified styles Tooltip [ data i , label ] attach a tooltip to the data Tooltip [ data i ] use data values as tooltips Wrappers w can be applied at multiple levels:

Give Feedback Top Thank you for your feedback! Since only a finite number of sample points are used, it is possible for LogLogPlot to miss features of f. Wolfram Notebooks The preeminent environment for any technical workflows. We could use these functions to compute tick specifications external to plotting, but to follow the spirit of the new paradigm we can modify the output of these functions instead. It instructs the Wolfram Language to select the horizontal tick marks automatically. Superscript , the generic typesetting form without any built-in meaning, is your friend for this. Only the first five people you tag will receive an email notification; the other tagged names will appear as links to their profiles.


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Peter Breitfeld Peter Breitfeld 4, 1 17 Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Wolfram Science Technology-enabling science of the computational universe. Quick Answer How do I manually edit tick marks on plots? The Superscript is loog our desired format. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

It actually works inside Plot. I was invited poot dinner. Mathematica Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. The region reg can be any RegionQ object in 1D. However, I think the need to define things explicitly is by-design in LevelScheme.


EventHandler [ f ievents ]. The CustomTicks package provides extensive customization of tick mark placement and formatting, for preparation of publication-quality figures. Sign up using Email and Password. I recall trying guessing multiple alternative values in Usecoordinates for the data:.

Hi all, well, yes: Placed [ lspec… ]. Here’s a completely different approach, manipulating the existing olot labels in the generated graph, and preserving the unlabeled ticks.

Legal Site Map WolframAlpha. Tooltip [ f ilabel ]. You might want to label vertical tick marks using exponents. First, create a list of the tick positions and labels that you would like to use at those positions. StatusArea [ f ilabel ]. It instructs the Wolfram Language to select the horizontal tick marks automatically.


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This seems much cleaner to me than Peter’s approach, assuming that it works on version 8 as it does on version 7. If you are around in the next couple of hours we could chat about it. I want to LogPlot a function, but I have the trouble in the number format in the ticks. Hyperlink [ data iuri ]. Button [ f iaction ]. Apply the new tick specification to the plot. I couldn’t find you to say goodbye, yesterday.


The following wrappers w can be kog for the f i: Don’t know why this tick feature is still missing in MMA Spelunking internal functions One may be interested is the source of the original label formatting. The data i have the following forms and interpretations: Some specialized tick mark manipulation functions are also provided.

Why yes there is, just use the CustomTicks package. You can also define a function that generates these ticks, for example: I am updating the question post with the aim of directing users to the best solution. This will require more elaborate code, but first examples of use:.

If we look at the options of p above we now see: LogLogPlot treats the variable x as local, effectively using Block.