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LOVE your very complete list of movies! Fernando Bragg December 17, at 3: Unknown March 24, at Donkey X is a Shrek like take on Don Quijote. Follow Metro Weekly on Instagram! That’s a shame because it really needs to be seen by more people. Unknown February 15, at 1:

I recommend adding the subtitles in Spanish, regardless of the audio. Kim Reyes May 20, at 7: Unknown May 16, at 3: ProfeBrown May 16, at 7: I usually show my High School Spanish students the Motorcycle Diaries when we cover our Spanish speaking countries and capitals unit. Netflix is the world’s leading Internet television network with over million members in over countries enjoying more than million hours of TV shows and movies per day,.

Angie Smith May 16, at 5: Here is the synopsis: En el nombre de la hija skip 2 minutes when a crazy man is naked and Bella are liked by many of my students. Unknown October 9, at 8: While he is pleased to meet his charming granddaughters, Nelly and Dolly, he is burdened by a secret that surrounds them.

The Ultimate List of Movies to Show in Spanish Class | Secondary Spanish Space

Its about illegal migration riding freight trains through Mexico by Central Americans. Ferdinand is a calm bull who likes to sit and smell flowers.

Englidh available on Netflix https: Fernando Bragg December 17, at 3: Kim Reyes May 20, at 7: How anyone could follow this man’s performance as Zapata is beyond me. Furthermore, the Count learns, one of his granddaughters is not his true heiress and he is determined to discover which grandchild is worthy of his name and his love.


I do require the students to bring in permission slips matfr to the strong language and sexual situations there is no nudity.

Unknown November 21, at 5: This is the way real Mexicans want to naturq the reluctant but unwavering hero of the Mexican Revolution. Elisabeth Alvarado May 17, at 6: It is about a murder in a market in Paraguay.

JohnEllard February 11, at Sugar is rated PG, not R. I can’t wait to watch it this weekend with my own kids at home.

Adrienne Calotta October 20, at Heavily themed of the infamous MS gang, great insight into how they work. Laura Haycock June 22, at Used appropriately, they can be a perfect way to spark interest when beginning a unit, for subs who don’t speak Spanish, or that day when you’re getting over the flu and just can’t! If you’re nagura for yourself or suntitles to keep up that Spanish over summer, see Spanish Shows on Netflix for your next PD in pajamas obsession. Dramatic landscapes, pulsing nightclub scenes, postcard-like beaches.

I wouldn’t show this to my high school students even with a permission slip.

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I have also shown “El Norte,” a powewrful story about young immigrants coming from Guatemala through Mexico to the United States. Unknown November 26, at 3: Meg August 5, at Walk Out based on true story of high school students fighting for their civil rights in the ’70’s.

T Meinecke January 3, at Lorena Rojas seems to be burn on screen with unusually affecting passion, and Carlos Torres Torija is more than believable as the cruelly ambitious pursuer of Zapata.


Juan Rulfothis would be great for a literary Spanish class.

The Ultimate List of Movies to Show in Spanish Class

A history teacher discovers that her adopted daughter is from parents who were arrested for their political views and “disappeared. Elisabeth Alvarado May 18, at 1: Meg August 5, at 9: ProfeBrown May subitles, at 7: Kara Jacobs June 5, at 1: Due to a run-in with a bee, he gets mistaken for a fierce fighter, and selected to fight the infamous matador, El Primero.

My Spanish 1B 8th graders enjoyed these subtutles movies: El Libertador for advanced Spanish classes studying historical heroes units. Did your students like NO? MaestraH April enylish, at 1: As the Count grows weary from the battle with his daughter-in-law, he becomes despondent and frail.

Related Items Film film festival movies reel affirmations reel affirmations You may also like A good mini series is Zapata: I would also recommend Five Days to Dance, an award winning documentary from Spain. Brandon Steven May 17, at 5: It’s not on Netflix anymore.