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Lg good mood ya? If you like Hong Sang-soo movies, you’ll like this one. What is it with guys and star wars? Most people have HP now” Sat May 29 Thu Jul 08 Hardrock bands are awesomee!

BakmiTries Thu May 20 Gak pake bingung mikirin sarapan apa. So my trackpad now can do inertial scrolling? Dan menrt dia gak cuma pemakai premium, pemakai pertamax jg. Budget sampe bulan mei dinyatakan suspend. Inul dari pasuruan kan?

BB bkn sgala nya. No date for me.

Cute is primarily what i aim for. Oh, and nearby toilet. It’s stylish, dark, intense and brutal.

Sat Dec 25 twournal. Ini baru teaser dan BTS nya yg udh ada. Kan udh lama bgt gak kayak gini. Ok, most of the times. It’s part of the plan: Ni anak ngigo ya?

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I bet some women can’t recognize Matt McConaughey in this movie because it’s not a romantic comedy. Trand di jkt lah. Mie Ayam gerobak realita Kado gue nitip ke viliaindahwati deh. Tue Jul 13 I will do my best to keep her away from Twilight series. Yeah, this one is an exception.


Mgkn selagi dia kelaki tidur? Dia punya twitter gak ya? Any chance i can see it? Instant boyband music video! Sat Jan 08 What am i gonna do about it? HOUSE is usually shot w 35mm camera Beli “Sego kucing” trnyt bukan pake daging kucing.

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I’m normal” -Ruth Sahanaya harmoni I think was a good year for movies. Sat Dec 04 twournal. Found this in their room. Mahasiswi Tewas Terseret Banjir Jakarta http: The update is 75MB? D no FPI joke there?

Inaritu selalu berkesan dan wajib tonton. Perhaps evolution is the process of becoming tastier. Say what you feel. Barusan nyanyiin lagu you-know-what. Coming soon exclusively to blitzmegaplex courtesy of jivemovies 31 twournal.

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D Buset, blom tidur nih? D dan juga ’empuk’ jg utk diliatin.

If the design is crappy, http: Your argument is invalid” Indraguna Sutowo What kind of perverted innuendo is that? Wed Apr 28 Hiphop artists like to have their bodyguards near them all the time. Siap2 mo nyampah di lelakk Sat Feb 05 I got a chance to shake her hand and say “thank you”: Keajaiban hari ini frans dr complain client, gosongnya ac kamar, nunggu dri http: Berharap film adaptasi game laen gak jd pd latah. Wajang Jaja terplih sbg salah satu pembaca nominasi di malam CP And i watch AC.