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Hussain created the spy-thriller series Masud Rana , modeled after James Bond. I’m Textile Student with my text book i like masud rana so much. Shorn beporjoy book is one of them. Sheba Prokashoni 61 View s Communities: Download all books just single click. Sheba Prokashoni 43 View s Communities: No need to be fancy, just an overview.

Sheba Prokashoni 28 View s Communities: All of the update in this blog is available in here– http: Sheba Prokashoni 21 View s Communities: There are more than books as of in this series. R admin plz ei boita update dite paren. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a graduation gift, he requested a printing press of his father.

All of the update in this blog is available in here– http: Soheil Ahmed Mxsud Associates: Biday Rana- 3 Vol Mousumi Molla November 16, at Then why i can’t download???

The film is based on the story Bishmaron [Amnesia] which in turn is based on Strictly for Cash. Hridoy Mithun August 13, at 8: University Admissions Care November 30, at 1: Masud Rana Series View Count: Qazi Anwar Hussain born 19 July is a well known and very famous Bangladeshi writer who mainly writes detective and adventure based novels most of which are adaptation translation from or heavily influenced by foreign literature.


The publishing house is credited with publishing works of world literature, as well as original work. The Kuasha series revolves around this family dedicated to the service bossain mankind for peace, love and harmony. Unknown November 29, at 2: Inthe Pakistani militants burnt sheba.

Sazib Islam October 13, at Anwar Husain’s wife was a singer Farida Yasmin. Ahsan Ahmed April 1, at Mousumi Molla December 2, at All Translated Books; Series. Masud Rana is a fictional character created by Kazi Anwar Hussain.

Biday Rana-2 Vol Mousumi Molla September 6, at Sheba Prokashoni 71 View s Communities: You will get the download links. Unknown February 5, at 4: Sheba Prokashoni 21 View s Communities: Sheba Prokashoni 26 View s Communities: Sheba Prokashoni 20 View s Communities: Arif August 13, at 2: Sheba Prokashoni 44 View s Communities: Fahim Haider February 3, at He then proceeded to lock himself in his room for hours at length.

Sheba Prokashoni 50 View s Tags: Sesh Chal- 3 Vol link not correct. Sheba Prokashoni 25 View s Communities: Sheba Prokashoni 42 View s Communities: The links for the following books are not working: Kuasha is a scientist, detective and adventurer hero who works for the development of science to try to eradicate evils from society and seres a helping hand to the distressed or helpless. Please help by adding reliable sources.