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How ’bout we talk for a while? The medical conditions were mostly acute and from wounds. Use the HTML below. What you need is some eucalyptus. And Sidney is at his best. Please read the Warning header.

How ’bout we talk for a while? He came here badly frightened, smelling of mold smelling, as you said, like a wet – Wet Wet burlap sack. Unless that was one of the seven dwarfs, I’m declaring you off-limits. Sounds like Norman Rockwell would have been bored. Read ’em and weep. Either What’s the difference? Mental trauma is or can be just a as harmful as physical, and certainly has the ability to last a long time, even a lifetime. I had plenty of experience with this at 3:

And he was kidding around. It really ruins the episode and is one of the few episodes I basically refuse to watch. When did you begin sneezing?

MASH 9×17 – Bless You, Hawkeye

I wouldn’t order the hearse yet. See the full gallery. Mighty thoughtful of you, lad. I couldn’t say that. Everyone tries to help, but nothing works. And you know if the tables were turned, Hawkeye would be doing and saying the exact same thing. Psychiatrist Sidney Freedman is called back to the after Hawkeye has a serious allergic reaction which Freedman quickly suspects is linked to Hawkeye’s past.


M*A*S*H (MASH) Z Episode Script | SS

The more I watch these later eps, the more I wonder if they had planned all along for Hawkeye to crack under the pressure. Though I don’t hate it the way some people seem to.

Treated by Major Winchester. I used to think the episode was ridiculous and over-the-top too. D The way Hawkeye describes growing up in Crabapple Cove makes me want to go there – it sounds so charming. At the moment, it enjoys a 7.

Episode Spotlight: Bless You, Hawkeye –

I love Hawkeye’s crazy sneezes. I don’t want to be responsible for any breakdowns! Part 2 – chickadilly on September 7th, It was the ritual. It was much MUCH quieter. It warmed my heart to see how concerned everybody was when Hawk thought he was dying.

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Thanks for the e;isode – I seem to have insomnia tonight so this gives me something to read. They entered the same general wheelhouse in the series finale, and were IMO much more successful. Oh, good, we have a quorum. Let’s, uh, start with Corporal Brooks. When I was seven years old, we were on a pond, on that pond in, um in our town, and l episoee went fishing together in the middle of the pond.


Poor Hawkeye has a lot of repressed stuff floating around in his brain, but that makes sense, given that the character is prone to uttering a stream of jokes while dealing with the horrors of war.

Wow, how the heck did AA fake like he was sneezing so many times? Never Ask Why Build.

I worked at Ballinger’s Drugstore. And I sympathize with him so much.

MASH S09E17 – Bless You Hawkeye

I didn’t mean anything. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be dead. If I’d known you were coming, I would have put out the good I.