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Can Akshay defeat Hanuman? Meanwhile, Hanuman reaches Ashok Vatika. Ravan orders Meghnath to kill Hanuman. Aditya becomes the party leader of his political party which is a huge success. Trijata makes an idol of Ram and gifts it to Sita. Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Lanka.

Sharvan ends up becoming the heir to Brahma’s fortune. Sita is relieved and happy when Hanuman tells her about his meeting with Ram and how Ram is grief-stricken without her. Will Mandodari and Trijata help Sita escape from Lanka? Hanuman tells Angad about Bali’s death. Ravan promises Mandodari that he will not marry Sita. Meanwhile, Hanuman finds himself forced to fight Sursa and Simhika. The two decide that he will wed Uttara if Devyani successfully divorces him.

However, Sita finds out that Traijata is lying. She asks him to marry Sita. Akampana informs Ravan that Marich 148 managed to lead Ram away from the hut. Suryadev informs Hanuman about Brahmadev’s son, Jamwant.

Rishabh gets into an accident that affects his brain, becomes an alcoholic, and starts beating Uttara. The show later revolved around Brahmanand Jakhar, Uttara’s brother-in-law, and Uttara’s betrayal to her sister by marrying Brahma religiously. Uttara and Brahma are also having sex repeatedly around the house, also unnoticed by the rest of the family members. Views Read Edit View history. Hanuman tells Angad about Bali’s death. Sita is relieved to learn that Ram knows about her whereabouts.

He tries to pimp Priya. After a while, the whole family, minus Tara finds out about the pregnancy and when Aditya finds out about her pregnancy and gets angry at Uttara for being pregnant with his half-sibling, who is also to be Tara’s half-sibling.


After Uttara gets heavily drunk and seduces him, Brahma starts having second ,aryada for Uttara. Ravan is elated to learn from his informer about Ram’s grief. A dejected Sita reminisces about Ram. She is then forced to have sex with him and his friends.

Marich apologises to Ram for his misdeed and dies.

Vidya Is Shattered

eposode Lakshman asks Sugriva to wear a garland while fighting Bali so that Ram can differentiate between the twins. Search found 23 related definition s that might help you understand this better. Sita recalls Ram’s words.

Maryada means something in HinduismSanskrit, Marathi. Because of his evilness, Priya’s previous marriage breaks up on the wedding day. Vibhishan advises Mandodari magyada Sulochana to send Sita back as early as possible. Later, he tells Sita about his strategy to overpower Ram.

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However, he is shocked when Marich calls out to Sita and Lakshman in his voice. Ravan learns epixode one of his commanders is revolting eipsode him. Can Akshay defeat Hanuman? Meanwhile, Meghnath kills his soldiers when they try to attack Sita.

Ram follows the deer into the jungle. Tony Singh Deeya Singh. You can also click to the full overview containing English textual excerpts.

A magical fire surrounds Sita when Kaikesi tries to attack her. Below are direct links for the most relevant articles:. He made her smile again, saved her life numerous times, and finally married her.


maaryada Ravan is happy with his wedding arrangements. Uttara experiences peace and ends up giving birth to Brahma’s child, who is named Sharvan, who everyone ends up accepting. Trijata’s behaviour towards Sita changes when she learns about Ram.

This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat To treat with the due regard or respect. Priya then leaves the household as Brahma is suspended and thrown in jail. Ram declares Sugriva to be the king of Kishkandha.

Brahma manages maryad convince her that nothing is going between him and Uttara and that he is just consoling her as she does not feel accepted into their family.

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Ravan kills the informer who tries to deliver Sita’s message and boasts about himself. Ravan manipulates Sita into crossing the line made by Lakshman. Devyani finally experiences peace with Brahma dead.

Later, he asks a demon, Trijata, to mislead Sita. Sugriva decides to find Sita and bring her back from Lanka. Ram tells Lakshman about Marich and confronts him for leaving Sita alone! Mandodari threatens to set herself on fire if Ravan marries Sita. Ravan captures Simhika when she tries to attack Sita.

Lakshman seeks Shabari’s help to find the way. Will Hanuman reach Lanka?

Parables of Rama by Swami Rama Tirtha. Hanuman provokes Bali to fight with Sugriva.