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I use this head at charts rehearsal studios and its a powerful little amp. Mix them with the speaker-damping function and digital effects to create the killer tone rigs you have always wanted. I’m still just discovering the different sounds I can get out of it. In fact, his entry into the amp world came about in part because the drummers that visited his music shop for equipment and lessons often brought along their guitar players. This damping technology emulates the dynamic interaction between an amp and its speaker, giving you feel and tone characteristics you’d normally only find in far more expensive tube amps. Somedays they just are a little OD1 on the other hand is only slightly buzzy but is a good channel if you just want a nice distortion but nothing too heavy.

Made him wonder how it ever passed quality control. Great for the price 2 of 2 customers found this review helpful. I use external effects but I still love the amp. The effects loop is there and works perfectly. Closest Store Stratford, Ontario. I needed a head quick when I started a band recently.

When i checked this one out I didn’t think much.

These four programmable channels give you a huge tonal range, from pretty and clean to mean and scream. I love the sound. This thing is predictable. If you are looking for high gain, look elsewhere. I recommend this one, but if you like more on heavy sounds, try the vintage modern amplifiers, they’re best for me when in terms of marshall amp. Maybe I just got a bad one, but marshqll it’s very disappointing that an amp with so little use have such issues.

Posted by mt4 on Mar 31, Made carbbon wonder how it ever passed quality control. The distortion is weak at best and the effects are also weak. J on Feb 11, Great product especially for the price yeah I hate when ppl say that too but Well, if you look on youtube and listen to what Zakk Wylde has to say: I’ve owned this head-along with the matching cab and foot switch-for about a month now after looking at it for a few months.


None of them come even close to the sheer joy I feel and the sensitivity to my emotions that can be expressed by my Marshall pumping through 4 Celestions. This amp head is a great one if you are short on budget or starting to play live. Pretty Good For The Price 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful. You go from slight effects then a small move of the knob and all of a sudden you are at the other end of the spectrum with the effect.

This amp can reproduce the feel and sound fairly well.

This head also has a Dampening button to make it sounds almost Tube-like. It’s not identical to a tube amp; but you also don’t need to warm it up, deal with tube failures etcetera.

Marshall MGHCFX – Watt Head With Effects – Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

I’ve used just about everything on the market over the years including a great many amp simulators. I just love the Carbon Fiber look man, it looks ccarbon. Web Store Phone Number: Click here to see all locations. Please enter the email address that you used during registration: While this doesn’t even come close to a JCM or any other tube Marshall, it does an incredible job of holding it’s own.

Buy it; you’ll never, ever regret it! The clean channel isn’t my preferred clean sound, but that can easily be messed around with to get a decent sound with the internal FX.

Closest Store Victoria, British Columbia. Posted by Rick Duguay on Jun 28, It also features a 2-button footswitch, power-amp damping, a switchable effects loop, and a line-in for music players.

Marshall Mg4 Carbon Series Mghcfx – Watt Guitar Amplifier Head | eBay

I would recommend this amp for a low amount of money. I own this head and the matching 4×12 cab.


Product Experience I’ve tried it. Not too shabby 4 of 4 customers found this review helpful. I’m still just discovering the different sounds I can get out of it. I don’t however use the on-board effects, even though there’s a lot you could do with four channels I just use it for power and some EQ-ing with the 3 band EQ.

Managed to get everything repaired though. OD2 is also good for getting heavier sounds like playing metal or just harder rock songs.

Marshall Mg4 Carbon Series Mg100hcfx – 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head

I had been looking at this head for about a year now, Zakk Wylde uses it, so when I tried it out with a Marshall a cab Even run my acoustic electrics through it for a few tunes and am impressed. Mix them with the speaker-damping function and digital effects to create the killer tone rigs you have always wanted. I was amazed that the sound came from that Marshall head at that price! It’s a very cheaply made amp that sounds pretty good, looks pretty good, has some nice features, marwhall wont break the bank.

Now, yes valves mg1000hcfx better, and I love Marshall, and have had them marshapl my life but I don’t have thousands to spend. One of the worst boards he has ever worked on.

The input jack came a little loose and would cut in and out a little. Adding a Xoom preamp which contains the same mh100hcfx tubes brings it pretty darned close though.

My first Marshall was a tube amp purchased in the early 70s. This model also includes a 2-button footswitch as standard equipment.