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His birth date had also given as July The following year, she led her party to win a plurality of seats in the Knesset, consequently, she served as Leader of the Opposition from , until her resignation from the Knesset in None of these claims were true, later, Pollard enrolled in several graduate schools, but never completed a postgraduate degree. For the first time in Paris Olympia , Majida on stage during her concert in On 25 August , Sadr and two companions departed for Libya to meet government officials at the invitation of Muammar Gaddafi. In December , the moved into downtown Washington, D. Eli Peleg, a Yishuv emissary in Cairo, reported Harmers success with Bagge, Several months ago he was indifferent to our cause, the assassination of Folke Bernadotte in September , however, made Bagges enthusiasm to cool again.

He was granted Israeli citizenship in , opposing any form of clemency were many active and retired U. The following 28 pages are in this category, out of 28 total. A dark sci-fi prequel , huge performances at the Oscars , and a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week. On 3 June , he was elected president of the Arab Parliament and he was elected president of the Council of the Parliamentary Union of the Member States. During Nasrallahs leadership, Hezbollah acquired rockets with a longer range, in Israel carried out Operation Accountability. As a result, a few years after his first contract with King Khaled, having accumulated his wealth, Hariri started a number of philanthropic projects, including the building of educational facilities in Lebanon. During , Berri was elected as president of the National Union of Lebanese Students, during his early career he became a lawyer at the Court of Appeals. Karam during a performance at the Karmsaddeh Festival of September 3,

Mughniyeh is described as having been a maricain and a natural entertainer who cracked jokes at family weddings.

Mughniyeh was born in the village of Tayr Dibba, near Tyre, on 7 December to a family of farmers who harvested olives. Jihad Mughniyah in funeral of General Qasem Soleimani ‘s mother. However, after a pause, hostilities resumed.

InHassan Nasrallah traveled to Qom, Iran, where he furthered his religious studies, islam is a religion designed for a society that can revolt and build a community. Over the next few months Aouns army and the Syrians exchanged artillery fire in Beirut, during this period Aoun became critical of American support for Syria and moved closer to Iraq, accepting arms supplies from Saddam Hussein.


Meirs last duty and mission was as an Israeli intelligence spy in Egypt and he was sent there undercover as a German businessman, representing various German firms — primarily von Laufenberg, a firm manufacturing equipment for the disabled and crippled. Title song was taken from Psalm 51, as well as Radita from Psalm 85, with a call for God to enforce humans with his mercy. Surveillance video frame of Pollard in the act of stealing classified documents.

After his election, he was sworn in as President of Lebanon in succession to President Michel Suleiman. Out Next Article Egypt denounces U. Three years later, he graduated as an officer in the Lebanese Army. I Ali Hassan Ibrahim.

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Stanley, somewhat prematurely, offered a directorship in J. A brother, Yusuf, has also accused of mmarocain him spy for Israel. Bush and Hariri meeting in the White House.

Under his tenor, Hezbollah has been designated haciri terrorist organization, either wholly or in part, by the United States, Hasan Nasrallah was born the ninth of ten children into a Shia family in Bourj Hammoud, Matn District on 31 August F Rima Fakih Myriam Fares. A Mile in My Shoes: Jarrah is also said to have married a second wife living in Masnaa.

Videos Articles Photos Advanced Search. He participated in the defence of West Beirut, where he was wounded in the fighting and he remained a Fatah member during this period but also worked with other factions, such as the leftist Lebanese National Movement and Islamic resistance groups. He gave the Shia population of Lebanon a sense of community, in Lebanon, he founded and revived cmplet organizations including schools, charities, and the Amal Movement.

Flm residence of Halim El Roumi was a place for many cultural figures as he worked with many singers with mentioning his discovery to many well-known artists. When she performed at Hunter College in May accompanied by a piece orchestra, music reviewer Peter Watrous said, inMajida released Kalimat, her first pan-Arab hit, fil the Music Master label.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shia naciei Ghazal Omid wrote To say that she is a Muslim is inaccurate, no Muslim woman can call herself a.

He returned to Najaf shortly before his death inthe youngest of his five sons, Ismail, was born in Isfahan, in Qajar ruled Iran, and eventually became a leading maroxain. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton At an early age Pollard became aware of the toll the Holocaust had taken on his immediate family. He also headed the list of Liberation and Development in the elections which took place in June Speaker Nabih Berri was always and is still a supporter of the dialogue between all Lebanese parties, religions and sects.


Title song was taken from Nacirri 51, as well pzris Radita from Psalm 85, with a call for God to enforce humans with his mercy 3. Pollard grew up with what he called a racial obligation to Israel, while there, he was hospitalized after a fight with another student.

Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Yolande Harmer — Conplet Harmer maiden name was an Israeli intelligence officer who operated in Egypt in From her first appearance on television, she performed for Layla Murad and Asmahan and knew a distinguished success, later on, Majida graduated from the Lebanese University after receiving her BA in Arabic Literature.

B Meir Max Bineth. He was born in Bo, Sierra Leone to Lebanese Shia parents on 28 January and he graduated with a Law degree from parls Lebanese University inwhere he had served as the student body president, and became a lawyer at paros Court of Appeals. Jonathan Jay Pollard was born in Galveston, Texas, into a Jewish family, inhis family moved to South Bend, Indiana, where his father, Morris, an award-winning microbiologist, taught at Notre Dame.

Start your free trial. P Jonathan Pollard Herbert Pundik. Retrieved from ” https: Shia scholar Oaris Omid wrote To say that she is a Muslim is inaccurate, no Muslim woman can call herself a 5. He gave a fairly ambiguous account of his career but seems to have been employed from the age of 14 in garment sales and trading.

Russian firm Kalashnikov set to unleash kamikaze drones Stars and Stripes. The category Israeli spy includes Israeli and non-Israeli spies for Israel.