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I have never had an issue with the bio-wheels on my filters. Carbon is only useful for a couple weeks after that it starts to break down and become toxic to your fish. I highly suggest you buy the Emperor I have a emperor filter. They are made of heavy plastic and are very durable. Posted by Ashley B:

The Emperor is for aquariums up to 50 gallons and the Emperor is for aquariums up to 90 gallons. I was looking for recommendations on what to put in the media trays. I highly suggest you buy the Emperor At some point during this happy time, I added elodea plants not sure the regular name for that which apparently came with a few snails, which quickly became a LOT of snails. Then comes Christmas break at school…I used a food disk that was recommended at Petco sorry the only expert I had at the time… and I came back from break and the tank had a ton of algae. What I have done is take that same sponge pad and cut it in half and put it into the Emperor Maintaining an Emperor filter is fairly easy. But on closer inspection she is HUGE and her egg sack has kind of squared off….

I have been using the same Emperor and the same Emperor for over 10 years. The second pump directs a spray of water onto one or two bio wheels, depending on the capacity of the filter you purchase.

They come with foam covered, carbon filled cartridges that can be washed and reused several times before they need to be replaced. Can I put something like filter floss or a sponge on the end of it without decreasing the effectiveness too terribly much?

Review on Emperor ? – Marineland is Good Right?

Then comes Christmas break at school…I used a food disk that was recommended at Petco sorry the only expert I had at the time… and I came back from break and the tank had a ton of algae.

Not a huge difference but it does help a lot more when forcing that water over the wheels filled with bacteria. I think the holds over a gallon of water It comes with a priming lever that works well, but I have found the easiest way to prime it is to simply turn it on and pour water in it until primed.


We had a 5 day outage several years ago temps in the teen and twentiesbut the house never got below 53 degrees. I highly suggest you buy the Emperor A friend kept arguing with me that Marineland bio-wheel filters were better. They are powerful and spacious. I have heard many a complaint plwer how bio-wheels stop working, stop turning, and spontaneously combust. Posted by Alicia H: It occurred to me, today, as storms with lightning and thunder passed through the area, that we could lose our electricity for a while.

This topic is ,arineland the Emperor filter series…. Any suggestions for what I can do to prevent mxrineland further casualties as I had planned to convert soley over to the Aquaclear after it had sat for a few weeks and then pull off the Emperor Right off, 2 fish died.

These were some of the first filters I purchased as a new aquarist and have been using them ever since.

Iconic One Theme Powered by WordPress. They also come with reusable plastic cartridges to hold extra media such as activated carbon. Maybe some of the pumps are more powerful or the filter pads are different styles or the canister is bigger to hold more pads….

Yesterday, I took apart my canister filter to use some of the media to help the new tank along. I got that all squared away now.

I need reviews on the Emperor by Marineland? Just by the size bio-whele the sump, or what? I have been using the same bio-wheels that came with these filters, for the past 10 years and they still work fine! Posted by Harley R: Drained my tank, but rocks now though dried, have algae and so does the glass. Even after removing the disk, it was never the same.

This provides both fiter and chemical filtration of tank water, removing debris and particles as well as compounds that contribute to cloudy conditions.

Posted by Patricia K: I was looking for recommendations on what to marinepand in the media trays. The dual-pump construction of the Emperor Power filter line provides exceptional water cleaning capabilities to maximize clarity and fish health. I have a emperor filter. You will need it to clean the inside of the pipe that sprays water on the bio-wheel. This filter comes with a small brush. The Emperor Power aquarium filters offer low-profile style with hinged lids and easy-to-install hang on tank set-up.


I have so much confidence in them that I have three running on tanks instead of canister filters that I bought. How it got that way: One pump pulls water from the aquarium through the adjustable intake tube and directs it through the effective filter media cartridge made with activated charcoal.

Emperor 400 & 280 Bio-Wheel Power Filters by Marineland

Granted, they are smaller but very healthy. I have been using my on a 60 gallon aquarium for years with no issues. Buy a backup generator.

So, I re-assembled said filter after cleaning the impeller and surrounding housing. I highly advise the Marineland Emperor The only thing carbon is useful for is to remove medication really. Take out the carbon, unnecessary and unless you change it out very often, it can be harmful to your fish. As the pump pushes water into the canister it then runs through the filter pad as it exits back into the tank.

The two females had babies, and the tank did very well for a while.

You need to let them get nasty and it takes months for them to get that way. To my horror, I saw two of my neons get sucked up against the intake tube and die before my eyes. Lol I had the same thought last week when some idiot texting and driving ran off the road and hit a transformer box knocking the power out for several hours.