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Both female housemates later asked their apologies to Axel. The face on top will determine what the housemates will wear for the selfie; a “Free” face allows them to wear anything. Retrieved December 5, They are all in”. Archived from the original on June 20, In this second challenge, each team has to make the longest possible vertical line in the picnic area.

Yes All We Can Housemates must say yes to all the things asked to them, done to them, and to things they need to do as told by Big Brother. When she entered college, Zyra had her hopes up once again to find the man of her dreams when she met Arnie, her schoolmate who She can be as cute as a button, whenever the script demands petty cuteness out of her. Teary-eyed dad visits ‘frozen’ Joshua on ‘PBB ‘ “. Lapislide Each team has to switch working hours to completely build a slide using towers built from 15, pencils. Daniel was allowed earlier by Big Brother to become a servant in order to help the teens. He later disclosed his sexuality ; he told Big Brother that he is a bisexual. They were also unable to beat the first group’s time indicating that they were the last three housemates to be automatically nominated.

After the roof was completed, they were transferred back to the island. What to expect from movue Big Brother: If they were able to relay the message to the all the housemates correctly, the barrier within the house will be removed.

Only the top vote-getter was given a fake eviction. Emotions run high over nude painting challenge”. However, these resulted in muscle pains in their feet. They were only allowed to construct the house in the activity area, which was divided by a tall and long barrier, preventing the two groups from seeing the plans and the works of the other.

She can at least command some charm even if she is grossly incapable of infusing any form of charisma to her frequent voice-overs. They will also be the only ones to do the household chores. On DayMaris’ parents exchanged their wedding vows inside the house.


Maris Racal, Manolo Pedrosa Team Up in “Stars Versus Me”

Novaliches, Quezon City, [37] and two business franchises. It instead starts by sketching out the life of her mother Matet De Leonwho made every decision in her life based on her horoscope. Vickie won the challenge, and was saved from the eviction; Jane and Manolo were the official two nominees.

In the event that two housemates failed to do the task, the task will be considered a failure. Whoever unlocks them first will be instantly removed from the list of nominees.

Maris reunites with family for seconds”. Zyra’s Friend Fifth Solomon She initially said “Yes”, and chose Ranty, Michele, and Daniel to join her. Afterwards, Fourth and Fifth continued their investigation. They were only given an hour to give Big Brother a perferct performance. Later that evening, a series of pranks was made by the boys and the girls to each other until the following day, which led to some confrontations.

“Maalaala mo kaya” Bottled Water (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Retrieved June 25, That belief will lead her to Pedrosa, who believes in the astrology as well. The last remaining housemate wins immunity. Later that day, Alex and Michele were told of Nichole’s picture showing her middle finger, and talked to her about it.

All In April 27, — August 24, They were given 10 seconds to bring his or her chosen housemate to the confession room. On Day narisIn the second challenge they had to put their pants on without their hands.

This is a summary of events that happened inside the House, including the housemates’ tasks, nominations, evictions, and other important events. Freeze Housemates were tasked to stop when they hear the Tagalog word “tigil” English: After four rounds of nomination tries, Daniel was fakely evicted. The show’s companion show, Pinoy Big Brother: Loisa, Jane saved from eviction”. However, they can save others by nominating them for immunity or not to vote any at all.


On Day 64Nichole was evicted after receiving the least number of public votes against Daniel and Fifth. Daniel had trouble with pronouncing Tagalog words and Loisa had trouble with her expressions and voice. Retrieved May 13, The remaining 12 housemates mvie revealed during the kick-off, [45] plus the surprise inclusion of actress Alex Gonzaga. In the evening, Fifth and Pedroaa were saved from the eviction.

Big Brother let her realize that she should not take photos of herself that may be offensive to others.

On Daythe housemates’ short film premiered in television. Those first ten minutes are indicative of what goes wrong in this film. Red May 12, marus Marikina City, Metro Manila.

Bottled Water

The celebrities took over later; then were followed by the teens. However, teen housemates were given a curfew.

After the challenge, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the living room, where a big stone was placed. Big Brother announced that only one piece of pie was left and that for the first part of their weekly task, they were successful.

The barrier was removed, which also meant that the two groups are again fused into one. Unknown to her, the task was a test of their Freeze task. Before the eviction night on Day 21Big brother declared that the videos accumulated 1, views, resulting in the success of their weekly task. Labor Day task Jayme, Fourth, and Ranty had to respectively pick one housemate and teach them some information and skills of their profession. Retrieved May 7, Later that day, Big Brother msnolo their weekly task a success after validating 3, of their selfies.