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She encouraged the thought that Sridevi is mentally unstable through several actions. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This point is actually emphasized in the climax dance performance of Shobana in the film because Ganga, who has transformed into Nagavalli dances in a sloppy manner and without real awareness of her movements. A dear one will come this way is what I always wish for…. This of course is not a perfect explanation either because Nakulan could have died. This is actually quite easy to explain.

I cannot however understand how Ganga could learn to speak Tamil as well as she does without her knowledge. I actually think that this was a wise decision. The key point to remember in all of this is that Dr. Sunny acts the way he does because he does not want people, and especially the patient, to take him seriously. Sridevi had told Alli the truth, but in order to make Sridevi look like a liar and place the blame on Sridevi, Ganga says that Sridevi had seen her going downstairs for bathing. Nakulan, despite loving his wife, is very busy with his work. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

How did Ganga not realize that she is killing a doll and not Nakulan at the climax of the film? Despite liking the film, many people seem to have a problem with Dr. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

If you look at the climax dance song Oru Murai Vanthu Parthayo, you will see that the song goes back and forth between two different segments. Nakulan, despite loving his wife, manichitratazhu very busy with his work. So when Ganga transforms into Nagavalli, she too plans on killing the King on Durgashtami day.

So her longing looks toward the house and towards Mahadevan could be a sign that she is not receiving enough affection and love from Nakulan. Ganga is still shaken and afraid.


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In one of the earlier scenes of the film, when Ganga and Nakulan have newly arrived at the Madampally palace, the aunt tells Ganga the story of the court manichitrathazu and the King. I suppose in psychiatric terms, it could be said that Ganga is accessing information in her subconscious and using it while in her alternate personality. This is actually quite easy to explain.

There is actually a reason why the Dr.

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Fill in rjngtone details below or click an icon to log in: Differences Between Manichitrathazhu and Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Nakulan goes and looks outside rintone that someone threw a stone towards the house but sees no one. We can see this in the scene where Ganga calls Nakulan to bed and he tells Ganga to sleep and continues to work.

Sunny acts the way he does because he does not want people, and especially the patient, to take him seriously. I can actually understand Ganga dancing Bharatanatyam without never being trained in it.

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Ganga looks flustered and afraid at the same time. We have all got it so far. Nakulan walks to the right as he talks and the camera, which was previously showing all four, follows Nakulan leaving others out of the picture. And yet a third theory is that there really was ghost activity in the palace. Sunny had said that Ganga has great strength in that stage of illness.

I actually think that this was a wise decision. But telling Ganga that she was bothered by Nagavalli who is permanently removed from her and that she will never have this illness again cures her forever. Moreover, Nakulan was changed with the coemdy at the blink of an eye during which Ganga was not looking because of the fire blown by the priest. So I will try to answer them based on what I have understood from the film. Notify me of new posts via email. A dear one will come manichigrathazhu way is what I always wish for….


It should not be too difficult for her to mimic those movements that her brain had recorded previously.

One theory is that Ganga, in an altered state of mind, was able rinytone cause objects to move with mind power and break things.

Unfortunately, the film does not explain this in a very clear way. So I did not find the Dr. Thus, it is not difficult to understand that when Nakulan was replaced by a doll, she would continue to see the King there. The first segment is reality where Ganga is dancing by herself with messy hair and makeup, a trans like glance and slightly sloppy movements.

Or manjchitrathazhu there another reason? I think it was intentionally left that way to create a lasting curiosity in the audience about the film.

Next, Nakulan goes inside at the sound of rigtone plates.

Sunny character was written as it was. Everyone returns to bed. In the remake Bhool Bhulaiyya, Priyadarshan added a scene at the end of the movie actually showing that the Ganga character was throwing those objects very quickly before anyone noticed.

Similarly, it could be argued that Ganga could manihitrathazhu the effort and time necessary to throw and break things without any one in the room noticing it was her.