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Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The show has got a huge response from the audience and stood as one of the top most watched serials in Indian Telugu channels. Follow us on Twitter: Please enter your comment! We keep updated with filmy news that is on buzz. Everything is linked to his Granny whims and wishes. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Game of ThronesPopular Movies1. We keep updated with filmy news that is on buzz. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Like and Follow Us. Mangamma, who is a very strong and rich old lady, due to some health problems she is unable to walk and needs to be pushed around in a wheelchair. She comes across Seetha and gathers all the information regarding her and she was impressed by Seetha and decides that she is the right girl.

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The character Mangamma shows up with maintaining the attitude and individuality. Please drop us mail. And more importantly, she doesn’t understand the way her fiance acts like a puppet in his Granny’s hands. Some pics used on this site might have manqvaralu picked up from the internet; we are not using these photos for any commercial purposes, but if we have mistakenly used your image, and you are the legal owner, please drop us an xrew and We will be happy to remove the image for you.


It got good TRP ratings which sets the serial in top position.

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You have entered mangmma incorrect email address! Top Choreographers Of Tollywood. She has her own set of rules and norms as to what Sakethram’s bride should be like. We will update the gallery with latest images.

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Mangamma is the kind of woman who believes that everything should happen as per her wish and no one dares to face her anger when anything goes against her will. The pics were collected from Facebook and other platforms. Find online video episodes of TV serials, TV shows, reality shows, zeetv serials, daily soaps, family drama, cookery show and most entertaining videos free only on video.

Celebrities who got married in Mangamma’s character is being played by famous silver screen actress Shiva Parvathi’. She realizes that Sakethram has no individuality.

Upasana Konidela Stuns Everyone February 22, Sakethram is the grandson of Mangamma. But that doesn’t hamper her from showing her anger when an or something goes against her wishes.


Like and Follow Us. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to understand the old lady’s character, her money power and how well she flaunts it to her advantage.

Mangammagari Manavaralu – Family Drama: Upasana Konidela Stuns Everyone. Author Write something about yourself. Everything is linked to his Granny whims and wishes.

Kaarulo Shikarukelithe Movie Review. Seetha is dazed by all the things happening around her.

We post rare collection of celebrities pics of their family, wedding marriagehusband, wife, son, daughter and many more. Granny decides to get Sakethram married.

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Three Queens, Two Tigers6. She got irritated by his grandmother and the situations going on around. Please enter your name here. Game of ThronesPopular Movies1. Granny gathers all the information she can on Seetha. The story goes up with lots of twists and what attracted the viewers most was, the narration of fight between pride and self-respect.