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A furious Laxmibai confronts Karma and asks him about the treasure. The victorious Rani returns to a conquered Jhansi, which she reclaims after threatening the life of the 1st Earl of Dalhouise. Moropant orders Manu not to practise with Tatya the art of using double-edged swords. Karma confesses him crime. The court’s residents worry about his well-being and the peshwaship’s stability. Views Read Edit View history.

In a dungeon, Manu sees the ghastly treatment meted out to Indian prisoners, including landlord Shyam Rao. But she proves her innocence. The drama was praised for the historical accuracy of the dresses and ornaments worn by the characters. On being told about some British officers’ arrival, Shyam Rao stops a nautch, after which they lash him so that he reveals Manu’s identity. The Peshwa stops Vahini’s vicious tirade against Manu’s character by recounting the bravery of Bharat’s female warriors. However, as Manu attempts to make Indu meet her future spouse, they end up witnessing the arrival of King Gangadhar, who is en route to Kanpur for strategic and religious reasons.

The drama was praised for the historical accuracy of the dresses and ornaments worn by the characters.

Rani fights victoriously, and cuts off Manson’s leg. She marries Jhansi’s maharaja, Ganghadar Rao Newalkar; her name changes to Lakshmi Bai, and her life changes drastically. But Manu bravely continues the contest, stunning all, including Tatya Dikshit.

Jhansi Ki Rani English: At the Peshwa’s ‘Brahmabhoj’ ceremony, Vadrayan urges other Hindu monks to abstain from eating the food malokat curses the Peshwa that he would lead a discredited life. The British officials, who regard Gangadhar as their puppet, discuss the ramifications of the attack on him.

Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani At a mela, as Manu sees Vaishali’s anklet with Nana, a quarrel erupts between Tatya Tope and bigoted British horsemen. As Tatya’s ‘dakshina’, an elated Peshwa allows Manu to join military practice in the ‘akhaada’. He makes Nana give his ancestral royal dagger to Manu as a mark of their unbreakable friendship.


But Christina resolutely defends Manu and says that Manu’s heroism would have been lauded by British society. Her priestly dad Moropant Tambe informs her about the East India Company’s officials’ habitual episoed conduct. Back at the camp, no one believes Laxmibai. An excited Indu, who awaits her to-be husband’s arrival at Sarsaiya Ghat, is crestfallen on seeing that he is an old widower with two kids. As she grow ups, she despises the British rule in India and takes the form of Kranti Guru to combat it.

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This article is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. Jhansi Ki Rani begins with Manikarnika Manu at age Certain reactions from orthodox Indian viewers and historians were negative.

Meanwhile, epjsode practising, Nana gets badly injured after being dragged by his horse. The British, on seeing the arrows, assume a revolt is in the offing.

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Jhansi Ki Rani” by some historians. At the mela, as a joust begins between George, a British 770, and Nana, Nana’s initial successes lead to British trickery, which causes his loss. Moropant explains to Tatya why Manu revealed the arrow-bomb’s secrets.

Courtesan Moti Bai rejects a smitten Gangadhar’s gifts for her given by his helper Khudabaksh. As Tatya Dixit lauds Manu’s exploits and says she is fit to become Jhansi’s queen without uttering her name, Gangadhar wrongly deems he is talking about Moti. Manson and Wilson inform the Peshwa that Manu’s replies may have destabilised Bithur’s law and order and tell him not to visit Ganga Ghat. Story of a Brave Woman As Vaishali searches for Kanta in the palace and gets lost, Nana flirtatiously helps her.


Meanwhile, Gangadhar Rao Newalkar, the king of Jhansi, some of whose bi-religious relatives are his frenemies, is told by his aide that the Britons have crushed the Chirgaon ruler’s revolt. At the Peshwa’s welfarist event, the popular deference to British troops pains Manu, Nana’s childhood pal. The show’s epislde episode aired on 19 June Manu not only memorises them but also grasps their meanings, which unsettles Vahini.

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Manu is a thorn in the side of Manson, a British official. Laxmibai discusses with Acharya and Samar Singh that Karma has all the treasure, but she is unaware of the place where he has hidden it.

So Rani Laxmi Bai wanted an heir, because of which we were required to show those intimate scenes. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Raghunath and Tatya Guru fail to recover the treasure. Though she explains that he wasn’t able to control his horse well due to which he fell off the cliff, Maina and Vahini castigate her.