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It mostly delivers what we were hoping for and expecting prior to the games release. On top of that Watch Dogs resembled an open world type of game like Grand Theft Auto, that a very large base of gamers where looking forward to it’s release making it a must have title of the year.. For this playing with Ultra textures and settings, you need to switch Shadows to High. LOD values changed and adjusted for better performance-quality. Sun light intensity has been adjusted for every tod. New bloom adapted and changed for every tod and every weather. Xessive Junior Member Posts: CronoGraal Senior Member Posts:

Do you really believe in such realism? Helicopter and Police volumetric lights intensity increased. My two previous posts explain how to do this, it’s really not too hard. Thanks to Modders they discovered that most of the graphics effects from the E3 Demo where actually still there in the game files and slowly started unlocking them. These textures are for boosting performance after trying the performance tips at the bottom of the post. To ensure better colors and visibility. Last edited by cmh ; Mar 15, 7: Font size as my head size, I’m not able to read from a distance of 10 running steps.

Skelete Junior Member Posts: That’s the vanilla camera and DOF option.

The main menu is missing some text and even if you manage to get to the New Game or Continue option it doe snot load. I am using the 0. SSAO Visibility and strength has been increased for every tod. Sweetfx for Windows 8. Wstch slightly degrade the image, but it’s really not that noticeable.

They have a huge performance hit and the game textur just cant handle it. Beats having to keep swapping borderless and full screen everytime you restart the game.

It’s not even recommend for a single Titan.

Watch_Dogs – TheWorse Mod Final Download

In this mod, I see a blur 10 meters from me. And for a people who delight this, I suggest a visit to the eye doctor. Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum. For this playing with Ultra textures and settings, you need to switch Shadows to High. Much more realistic and not nearly as blinding as TW v1. By the way i have used previous versions of the TheWorse Mod before the second update and i really loved all the unlocked and enhanced graphics added. Fog has been increased for clear day weather.


Sure, changing these things isn’t too hard at all. Otherwise you will miss and match the mods. For Nvidia users you can also make a custom graphic setting in Nivida Control Panel.

But sometimes I wearing glasses, and everything I saw blurry.

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I’m sure it will be resolved soon enough. Here are some screen shots of the mod using my own preferred mod options Ultra settings at p. If not will the Mod work if the latest Update is installed? New bloom adapted and changed for every tod and every qatch. After installation should i first start the game without the MOD, set up my graphics options then quit to desktop so a GamerProfile. Sure maldi, I loved the mod but those particular features just didn’t work for me.

Watch_Dogs – Enhanced Reality Mod Final Released, Compatible With MaLDo’s Texture Pack | N4G

New camera values for a better view of aiden and overall. Ubisoft is releasing updates more dosg more frequently now and the majority of questions I answer on TW mod thread is where to find my Steam thread.

Originally posted by madafaka This will be a copy and paste post from the thread and mainly used for updates so the mods are easier to find. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. I already fixed compatibility issues so you only paci to pick what you want and copy the folders inside example: Awesome, thank you so much, that would be very helpful!!! As if I had vision problems.

My last post will guide you through how to unzip the patch file. Now the game enables vsync only if the framerate is 60fps or above like adaptive dogw Only negative is you have to remove the read only tag to make permament changes to the settings in-game, and then set it to and read only again.


Now unzip pakc Patch. Solocreep’s Lens Flare is the only option with multiple files. I believe that a lot of us pre-ordered the gamed only to find out upon its release that Dohs Watch Dogs had performance issues and looked nothing like the E3 Demo that they where expecting, making a lot of users disappointed and let down once more at the already hated Ubisoft adding another title in their list of its bad optimization of pc ports.

New colorgrading settings to adapt and change the new lighting. However somethings could still use some adjustments for a more realistic appearance and to optimize gameplay. This is a must have mod and highly recommend using it as it dofs a lot of improvements.

Hey thanks for this.

If you paste anything into the “mods” folder and see a new folder that wasn’t there before, remove that new folder and try again. I listed dpgs few things in the first post that’ll help with performance.

Set your textures to High or Ultra if you can manage it and the graphical effect settings to medium, or what works best for your system.

Does TheWorse Mod 1. If the mod is still failing try renaming the main folder textyre shorter, even just Mod. Splashes intensity and size increased. You can find the Guru3D forum support thread over here.

This looks great CMH, thank you for taking the time to start this thread and make the changes. Can i apply the mod directly after installation then start Watch dogs, setup my graphics options and start playing.