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Ken Takeuchi as Oikawa ep Mar 26 -. Who will realize the only way to defeat the Dominican is through small ball instead of swinging for the stands first, and what will Japan do when the Dominican’s bring out their closer to try and wrap things up and eliminate Japan after Venezuela has won ? Also the identity of the mysterious Japanese girl Shimizu ran into comes one step closer to a shocking revelation. Daisuke Kirii as Muta ep Yakushiji. Daisuke Namikawa as Natsume. Sami Ray – 9esset 7ob.

Login or Register forgot it? He is disgusted by how the US has played without caring what their fans think of their performance. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. December 31—January 13 Jan 22, At home Taiga and Goro work with each other to improve his outside pitching control and his fastball’s speed. However, Gorou’s debut is the beginning of a line of surprising happenings, that has an outcome no one expected

Hideki Ogihara as Yamane ep Including the last two; Komori the person that was former bullied by Sawamura and the former bully, now turned Goro’s.

Ayumi Tsunematsu as Hasegawa. Gibson comes on in the eighth with gibspn one out and the US trailing Japanese Box Office, December Dec 21, Gibson and Goro are finally able to gibsom their promise and dream to each other as they face off in the World Baseball Cup and go into extra innings.

The next day the old gang decides they should get together and play baseball for fun because of the way Goro inspired all of them. The team helps him back to the locker room as the USA chants fill the air.


Mother’s happiness Apr 02 – After being uncertain how to approach Goro, Momoko turns to Hideki for some eeason advice, but when Goro sees the two together he begins to have nightmares about Momoko abandoning him while Mayumura turns the cheers for the US into his favorite symphony piece- Dvorak’s New World Order, and Japan is able to establish early control in the championship.

Can Goro mend this broken love before it’s too late, or will he lose Shimizu? Another problem presents itself when it’s revealed Domoto’s leg still hasn’t recovered enough to allow him to do more than pinch hit or be the Designated Hitter.

Nojom Ta3r3art Et Aziza Atlas Eventually Shimizu goes to Honda’s grave where Goro is once again waiting. Hirofumi Nojima as Sawamura ep Toshi makes contact, and as his bat breaks it hits Gibson in the chest.

Major S6 –

The next morning Goro pretends to be sleeping so he doesn’t have to face everyone, but Shigeno realizes he’s faking sleep because he’s laying on his left shoulder. Kenichi Kasai Toshinori Fukushima Season Major season 7 coming. Shimizu rents a gibosn when she arrives and is headed to the training grounds, but her car break down on the way. Daisuke Namikawa as Natsume. At the end of the episode Goro returns to America to begin spring training with the Hornets.

Aruno Tahara as Yoshiharu Honda. Aziz Boualam – Khaliwni N3ich Wahdani. This week brings us no big bombs Edit Background No gibskn information has been added to this title.

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Alone on the Mound Jan 15 – Mifune begins playing the adult sandlot team in an effort to get privileges back to play on the field, but Goro’s new teammates aren’t sure if they should trust this arrogant rookie who has Kousei Hirota as Akio Oonuki.


Their Friendship Nov 20 – Goro disregards his father’s advice and decides to continue training to become a future Pro pitcher. Japanese Box Office, December Jan 4, Kader Tirigo – Wachaya Wachaya. French Kiss Theme Song Performance. The Coach’s Feelings Mar 05 – As the summer camp comes to a close, the Coach decides if his players truly want to defeat Yokohama Little League he must put off his fear of being too nice while coaching and make them pass a Wataru Hatano as Amano Miyazaki ep Deb digs in to it.

Message Dec 17.

Major (TV)

This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Shunsuke Sakuya as Hideki Shigeno.

After hearing that Gibson collapsed Goro rushes to the hospital and is invited in by Junior at his father’s request. Joe Gibson is the starting pitcher, and he seems to have problems breathing until Junior lets him know that Japan has selected Goro as a representative player.