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The wedding-gift is his twin sisters Dewi Suprabawati and Dewi Suradewati. However, this did little to end the conflict, as Duryodhana reaffirmed his view on the continuation of the war. In a very quick move, Kalabendana’s spirit guides the arrow Kunto to return to its casing, which is inside Ghatothkacha. He says that if he is freed from the punishment, he would give his sister to Pandu and he would serve him. At the end of the exile term, Duryodhana refuses to return Yudhishthira’s kingdom, despite the counsel of Bhishma , Dronacharya , and Vidura. It is said that Duryodhana never shed a single tear for any of his real brothers except Dushasana who were killed in the battlefield, but when his beloved friend Karna was slain, he was inconsolable. Venerating his own character, Duryodhana proclaims he will die happily.

The fight is terrific but within a short time Duryudana is in trouble. Duryodhana intercepts Shalya’s army as it comes to Kurukshetra and offers hospitality; Shalya accepts thinking Yudhishthira had made the offer. The Pandavas lose and begin their exile. A fight breaks, but Shakuni loses to Pandu. It was launched on November 10, , by then President Suharto. At this point, there are many different versions of the interaction between Ashwatthama and Duryodhana. He is thrown away. Dussasana’s brutal death greatly agitated Duryodhana , and demoralized the Kaurava army watching Bhima in his ecstasy of wrath soldiers of both sides called Bhima ‘Rakshasa’ condemning his terrible act.

Karna fails because when he tries to tie the string in the bow, it recoils and hurts him. So Narakasura kills Samba.

The gods have difficulties to defeat Guwakrenda’s troop. But he misses the target and fails. When Karna is killed, Duryodhana mourns his death intensely, even more so than the death of his own brothers and was inconsolable.

Once, Gatotkaca becomes a king in Kahyangan heaven. Please help improve mahaharata section by adding citations to reliable sources. In the Indian version Karna is beheaded.

He vowed to rip Dussasana’s arms off his body, with which he had dragged Draupadi by her hair and had tried to disrobe her. Yudhisthira requested Krishna to go to Hastinapur to console Dhritharashthra and Gandhari who have lost all their sons in the war.


Duryodhan’s weaknesses targeted

When Draupadi refuses to allow Karna to string the bow at her Swayamvara because of his low birth, Duryodhana defends him saying “great sages, philosophers, and warriors have no source.

Raging in jealousy by the prosperity and fame of Indraprashta and Hastinapura losing its fame made Duryodhana furious to throw down the Pandavas.

In Baratayuda, Sengkuni is executed by Bima. The Mahabharatha Book Abirnanyu also joins the fighting as he feels responsible for the cause of it and Gatotkaca helps him. Duryodhana and Dushhashana Duryudana is not the legitimate heir of Hastinapura. Durna is totally defeated and one of his hands is fractured badly for life. Although Dhritarashtra openly criticizes his son, he tacitly desires that Duryodhana retain his throne.

Kencaka is at first lustful to her and tries to possess her by temptation, but gradually his lust turns to love.

Meanwhile Kunti and Pandavas decide to join the contest, with the purpose to get a wife for Yudhishthira. On hearing this Duryodhana closed all the fingers and rested. In a modern light, his disrespect for discrimination and blind following of tradition is seen more positively. Karna’s death is mourned deeply by both sides. Spisode Arjuna releases his Pasupati arrow piercing Karna through the neck.

Duryodhan’s regret

But he would be happy to be killed by a mighty, powerful brother. The name is often derived from two elements, the Sanskrit: Dussasana was devoted to his older brother Duryodhana. Without shame, he runs away and tries to hide somewhere to save his life. Dryudana help improve this article by adding citations to ddead sources.

This explain why they clearly reject Duryodhana and why they gave more importance to these servant characters. Mahbharata Duryodhana remains jealous of Yudhishthira, especially after the Pandavas along with Krishna transform Khandavaprastha to Indraprastha. Gatotkaca then asks Arjuna’s permission to marry Pregiwa, and his request is granted. When they were young, Bhima’s bullying and taunting was a constant source of pain for Duryodhana duyrudana his brothers.


But they can not put in order. By rubbing the oil the body, the parts of the body should be invulnerable to sharp weapons. He then went to specialize in mace fighting under Balarama and went on to become his favorite pupil.

Arjuna proposes to make him the emperor of Hastinapura and hopes that he will join them.

The Yadav-Ayoddha connection is also attested mahabharara the Buddhist Pali stories, where it is said that the Andakavenhudasaputta Krishna and his brothers set out to conquer the whole of Jambudipa, starting with Ayojjha whose king, Kalasena, they took prisoner and Dvaravati, which they captured with the help duryudaha Kanhadipayana. In others, Ashwatthama knows he has only killed the Upapandavasbut lies to his friend to make him happy in his final moments.

After King Pandu passes away Begawan Abiyasa Vyasadecides to the use the oil for his grand-children, witnessed by Hastinapura dignitaries, such as Kunti, Destarata and wife, Bisma, Sengkuni etc. Duryodhana orders his soldiers to brutally kill of Abhimanyu, even if though it takes unethical means to drad him off.

Narakasura dies in Krishna’s hand. The name obviously is akin to Revati of the Indian version.

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In the Indian version Kuru-Panchala are arch rivals with the rivalry spanning over generations. Sumpani is not an ordinary village girl; she is a daughter of a powerful Resi. He decides to mwhabharata it by force. Indonesian version breathes more life to the character of Shalya.