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Was this review helpful? One thing that could have been improved are the visual qualities of the film, they are really not compatible to global standards. This movie is one of those stories that will prove that in this world where people consider Me, Myself and I as most important, there is still what we call selfless love. I did not expect much of this film, which can be viewed on YouTube with English subtitles , both because it looked low-budget and because I had not to my knowledge ever watched a film made in the Philippines before. It is frustrating to see that the family being poor never knew about it,that would be a big help for them. It’s probably one of the finest movies in recent years. A great movie with great actors.

In the end, it is not something worth going out of your way to see though. Categories book review events festival health movie review product review travel. Fairy tales will never be the same again. Kung Fu Cult Cinema. It’s nice to know that kids can think beyond everyday living even if his family is only poor. The great fairy tales and children’s fantasy stories attractively depict character and virtue.

May December 13, at About the Rubik’s cube, I guess he was able to solve the pattern for he is Magnifico, magnificent. The Wheelchair If you have watched the movie, the reason why Magnifico died is because he was hit by a vehicle when he attempted to cross the highway to see Mang Domeng. United Arab Emirates 4.


Christ died on the cross to do the same mission. But this is something to watch and this is something that no one has seen the best that was created in the Philippines. It gives a turning point in people’s life. Would you like to merge this question into it? A Personal Blog with S Factor.

MAGNIFICO: A magnificent movie

At the end it’s not that great, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t like this cute story. Up Dharma Down Director: What is the Moral Lesson of the movie Ratatouille?

I’m excited to hear your review for SRR 13! While there’s nothing really new or cutting-edge in the movie’s moral platitudes, they’re still refreshing in today’s self-centered and image-conscious society. This title can best be described as a ” Pay it forward ” on the Philipines.

One scene that really made me cry was when they did a slow motion of Jiro walking out of the house carrying his sister on his back to take her out to the “perya” Lorna, the mother, just crying there silently watching her two children was just one of the many unforgettable scenes in the movie.

Rendezvous with the Fishes and the Sea.

This could be a perfect mirror of how Magnifio sacrificed for us. And we all know the purpose of this meeting, Mang Domeng will lessoh to tell Magnifico that he will give the wheelchair of his deceased mother to Helen. Jiro, Isabella and Joseph are great child actors! It felt a bit cheap, comparing to most of the similar films made in the U. Palito Ateneo Video Open I think I should start looking for a torrent now.

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Lessons From the School of Inattention: Magnifico ()

Magnifico, the first time I saw this movie, I really cried: Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule. Coffee coffee and more coffee. I only had the chance to watch it when I came back to the Philippines and I never really expected what impact it would have on me.

What is the moral lesson in movie taken? The actors, characters, cinematography, storyline are as good as it gets for this particular genre. It would be good if Magnifico solved the rubiks cube by painting it. Jiro Manio’s character as Magnifico is one of the amazing characters on this film even though his character is the lead of this film.

This site uses cookies. Avon Luna July 4, at 4: I haven’t seen the film for five years already, but I remember moviw touching, funny, and heartbreaking the film was. This film is directed by Maryo J. The portrayal of the day to day hardships of this Philippine family in this movie is as real as it gets, or worse to some.

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