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Table of Contents Magic Lantern v2. Vignetting- This is probably useful if you are shooting with a very wide angle lens and want to change the optic of your picture a bit. To start bracketing, take only the first picture and ML will continue the sequence. This is pretty much something you have to set since the LCD kills the battery. Change the focus pattern with the arrow keys and SET ; you may or may not receive visual feedback. We did encounter such problems during development, but we were able to recover from them. This is great in the studio or even out in the field.

If intervalometer is ON , silent pics have names like We had serious problems with it, so it was disabled. It calculates the difference between the last two frames and uses that as a trigger. Balanced allows us to use such pro mics with our little Canons and this is a very welcome surprise for audio guys. Fortunately, the geniuses at Magic Lantern have a setting to turn off the screen even when filming in Movie Mode. Can I get the source?

Graphics overlays that can be used in LiveView or in image review mode: CBR 1x is the firmware default setting.

Some lanteen the changes are not persistent for example, LiveView zoom leveland they were not included in the above list. Discussion thread, postprocessing workflow, FAQ If you are trying to do some high speed photography and what to catch a board breaking or something else percussive, this can be your solution. Troubleshooting It won’t boot! It will take one shot with flash, and then another one without.

What is Magic Lantern? In still photography, this is done by exposure bracketing and then combining the two exposures in photoshop.


Likewise, the camera is not able to playback movies either in playback mode. If you use an external preamp, set this parameter as low as possible; otherwise, set it as high as possible without clipping audio meters should be green.

They recommend against it for now. Installation How do I install it? To go back to Canon firmware, you may: If the intervalometer can’t be stopped it may happen in crazy mode intervalometwr, turn the camera off or open the card door. Maybe the videos might help you find it. Check out these features: Especially as Canon crippled the Hdmi out.

userguide [Magic Lantern wiki]

Intervalometer Settings Take a pic every — You should know what this means. Gradual Exposure Again, this is one of those automatic functions that I prefer to leave off. Remember you do NOT want to fill your card all the way up to the brim!

Why is it so difficult to change the LiveView resolution, when elements like Your timelapse will be recorded as a movie and you can than start post-editing in your favorite video editing software. Some of my favorite shots in dark bars at higher ISOs and wide open. This feature lets you use up to 4 display presets for the settings in the Overlay menu.

Download my cheatsheet with examples of tried and tested ways to cover a scene or action that will save your skin when your mind goes blank PDF file optimized for mobiles and tablets. Frame Difference- This is for when you need to detect even the most minute changes in the frame.


Astro- and night photography: This tool shows the color distribution with an U-V plot. When you hold SET pressed and turn the main dial scrollwheelML may perform one of these functions: The other limiting factor is your actual CARD, which is going to be the bottleneck in many situations.

Magic Lantern v2.3 – User’s Guide

The postproduction process of HDR is time consuming to say the least, and has fallen out of favor a little bit since the introduction of RAW recording in Magic Lantern. If you are in any other mode Av, Tv it does exposure compensation bracketing.

Quote … the use of custom firmware or any other third party accessory with our equipment will void the warranty of the product IF PROVEN that the malfunction of the device was caused by the use of those.

Most workflows use some sort of selective sharpening, and an image that is too sharp is just ugly.

Magic Lantern Shooter

A build exists for the original 70D. You can combine the two files in GIMP or other image editing programs.

Blue-Amber white balance shift. Next press will zoom out full screen image.

Getting started with Magic Lantern: If you know what all of these terms mean and aren’t scared of the possibility of breaking your camera, you can download the Magic Lantern firmware source code.