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When Jiro arrives, Otoya demands the Ixa system back from him, with the two deciding to settle the Ixa matter once and for all in a game of pool with Mami as their witness. However, the trio are unable to actually do it to Jiro’s shock and decide to leave town and run as fast as they can by taking different paths. In , Jiro is forced to retreat after being unable to fight the Lion Fangire as both Garulu and as Ixa. But the Bishop spirits Mio away to the Checkmate Four’s base of operations, assigning her the task to destroy Kiva before introducing her to the King. Mio later encounters the Bishop as he explains of her and the King’s place as Fangire Clan’s protectors after she vows to kill Kiva. However, before the fight could go any further, she is stopped by the man she met while escaping Tsugami’s bodyguards: Retrieved from ” https:

Thunderstrike Purple Eye” Transcription: Once breaking free, Yuri pleas for Garulu to stop and refuses to ever love him as she admits her feelings for Otoya. Later, at the cafe, Wataru apologizes to Nago, who asks Wataru to help him find Kiva to earn his forgiveness. But then, a fugitive named Tatsu Murakawa takes hostages at the funhouse with Nago attempting to catch the man. On his way to tell Mio his feelings for her, he finds her about to be ambushed by the Rat Fangire. Upon learning this new information, Nago makes it his goal to kill Kiva. After seeing the Bishop flee, Nago attempts to follow him, only to be stopped by the Seamoon Fangire.

InMegumi is a bit upset of Wataru trusting Nago, revealing that he drove his father to suicide.

Refusing to carry out the task of killing Fangire traitors, Mio later is attacked by Ryo and the Shark Fangire, who is the one behind the mysterious deaths. Though the battle ended, Wataru and Taiga get a surprise visit by Maya, who revealed she was only knocked unconscious by Taiga.

Dadi Faito ” Japanese: However, Kengo attempts to make out with her before Taiga comes in, with Wataru arrives as Taiga drags her off just before Kengo punches Wataru for his interference.

Otoya visits her with flowers and advises her not to get back to work so quickly, but she remains adamant as she cannot rest until she avenges her mother. Shocked, an irate Taiga becomes Saga to educate Wataru by calling forth a Mother Sagarc and its offspring to kill the Seamoon Fangire and then have them discipline Kiva. The two refuse to do so as Megumi puts down her rifle and Nago shoots at Kengo instead, claiming as an accident.


However, Nago uses Wataru to take a job at the restaurant as a waiter, much to Megumi’s dismay. The two later go to the Casuar clothing store owned by Yamashita, before Wataru later buys her a ring.

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After Kiva defeats her, Castle Doran arrives to ingest the Octopus Fangire’s soul; the camera then follows into the interior of Castle Doran, showing a trio of figures, two of whom are playing chess.

During the fight, the Grizzly Fangire realizes who Mio really is once seeing the Queen’s crest on her, and seeks to kill her with Wataru begging him to come to his senses. When Wataru finds out the fiance is Mio, Wataru is shocked as he gets down in the dumps that his girlfriend is seeing his best friend. Miraculous Memory [ edit ]. Later, while loveoy her son, Maya is visited by her husband, the Checkmate Four’s King, lord of all Fangires.

The Seastar Fangire once again attacks Mami, with Kiva arriving to her aid. Though gehvideos Spider Fangire attempts to flee her, Kiva blocks his escape in Emperor Form using the Garulu Saber to wound him before Mio personally kills Ryo herself later.

Narrowly escaping, Wataru meets with Otoya in the manor’s halls and is told the only way to honor Mio is to live a strong life genvjdeos her. The Angered Dragon Castle [ edit ]. But after being fired from her job, Mio runs off only to encounter Yamashita as Kiva to fight the Chameleon Fangire, whose cloaking abilities catch Kiva off guard.

Ixa, Fist On” Transcription: Overtime, after yelling at Dai-Chan for accidentally breaking a violin, Wataru apologizes after seeing Dai-Chan fixing the bike of a young girl named Eriko. Following her at the time, Wataru becomes Kiva and battles the Sheep Fangire, countering the Fangire’s speed in Garulu Form, with Megumi offering her aid.


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This is a list of episodes of the Japanese television series Kamen Rider Kiva. InMaya takes advantage of Otoya’s memory loss by pretending to be Yuri, ordering the Rook to halt his Game out of her curiosity for human love. Later, Maya goes to Otoya to see if he could answer her question as Riki arrives to fight her, forcing Maya to reveal her true identity as the Pearlshell Fangire before a shocked Otoya.

Nago Ikusa Bakugen ” Japanese: Kiva’s rage calls forth Tatsulot who transforms Kiva into Emperor Form. When Jiro feels that Otoya is once more getting too close to Yuri, he assumes his true form and beats Otoya unconscious. But the Bat Fangire uses this moment to attack, easily beating the two Kivas single-handedly bomes throwing Wataru off a cliff.

While this takes place, the relationship between Mio and Wataru bohes stronger to the point that Megumi finds her task complete. Listen to the voice in your heart. She encounters the Bishop of the Checkmate Four, who reveals to Mio her true identity as the new Queen and tells her to stop fighting her urges and embrace her true self.

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But refusing to let that stop her, Megumi poses as an assistant to Red Man, a potential Fangire target. The next day, Shima apologizes to Wataru for his mistrust before running off as the Fangire power that’s to manifest. Though she asks him for the Ixa Knukcle, Nago attempts to reason with her not to fight egnvideos another. Yuri’s intent is intensified while she saves a young woman from the Earwig Fangire, only to be manhandled by him.

However, while on the job, Mio sees people mysteriously die around her and freaks out. Farewell, Otoya [ edit ] 46 ” Full Stop: