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Notify me of new comments via email. Tamsin calls Kenzi mom. However, I do believe that Bo and Tamsin complement each other. So yeah, those are my thoughts. Bo and Tamsin try talking to Hale and discover that he knows about the time loop. Email required Address never made public.

She forgave her and said that it didn’t matter now, and that is the most beautiful thing ever. Your mileage may differ. It is how Bo expresses herself, and objectification is an essential part of its personality. Join other followers Follow. Kenzi is most welcoming, so much so that Lauren and Dyson have to issue throat clearing reminders about their presence. Yet here they are.. I never considered the possibility of the incest actually happening.

And I do mean all. Close Search Search Type to Search. He was just doing it because he was nervous and wanted to make things perfect for Kenzi, or something. We also have a set for a garage in this episode. Plus, Tamsin really gets into it. People are crazy and times are strange. I also like that we seem to be getting to a place where Dyson and Lauren aren’t in competition with each other. Bo asks Tamsin about the evil thing that got her, The Wanderer.

This was on your bed Bo opens the box and sees a glass container of something dark. Tamsin gets taken because of the guilt she has from her previous lives, and definitely because of the biggest one of her leading the Wanderer to Bo, which she has major rejects about. This can range from working reality TV exploitation city! There was always some element of sexual attraction first with Lauren and Dyson when they first met Bo, yet Tamsin for some reason is willing to sacrifice herself and help Bo repeatedly with no expectation that Bo will repay her somehow.

Tamsin is strapped on the conveyor belt. Bo and Tamsin try talking to Hale and discover that he knows about the time loop. Also when they do it again, and when Bo deciphering whether their kiss would break the cycle says, “Nada”, Tamsin pretty much whispers “Speak for yourself.


Bo has been hunting down the remaining Hellshoe to no avail, and has stopped to wash the Under Fae guts from the grill of her car. Bo yells for Kenzi and leaves.

E7 La Fae Epoque. Heart to heart Bo wakes up in the car again as time restarts itself.

Groundhog Fae

While some television sex scenes are meant to convey emotional turmoil or power dynamics or trauma or intense emotional connection or various other things the Sopranos in a swimming pool springs to mindmost actual sex scenes are a little about the character dynamic and a little about plot and a lot about looking at pretty people doing sexy things. Lost Girl Found Link Roundup: Episodes 6 and 7 are directed by Brett Sullivan, who directed LG 2. Season 05, Episodeā€¦ Melanie on LostGirl: I mean yes, Bo can be unpredictable and rash in her decisions at faf which might get her into trouble, but this is something that was been plaguing her since she cannot remember what happened when she was taken.

Will Lauren help Vex?

It feels like there’s a lot of complicated emotions gae up in it. It is complete with a roll of condoms fit for any Fae including those of the edible and fireproof varieties!

Error message An illegal choice has been detected. This element of their relationship is refreshing, IMO. Three people who you wouldn’t think would want to be hanging out in the same room together, it also confirmed that there’s no hostility between Lauren and Dyson anymore, which is good.

Other than adding to his levels of creepiness, why would they make him need Bo as his mate story-wise?

I think there are four elements: Shawna Reed nikita says: Groundhog Fae 29 Dec A podcast way station for Lost Girl fans says: And for me as a viewer it moves the characters and show to new levels if she and all the faemily are addressing it.


January 6, at This time when Bruce walks off dissonant music plays when he passes by a particular wall which seems to magically contain the little guy from the gas station. In both her previous life and in this life, Tamsin has been attracted to Bo.

Besides, who can understand loving Bo better than Dyson and Lauren? Though they toned it down and just made it dubious, the original script was very clear. I loved the back and forth throughout the episode between Dyson and Lauren, with Lauren getting the one up in getting in the back seat with Bo and the whole sequence with Lauren, Dyson and Vex. William ‘Hale’ Santiago Rachel Skarsten Perhaps we were supposed to suppose both Bo and Kenzi had access to a car.

Convincingness and chemistry are somewhat subjective.

Bo is able to bring Tamsin to her senses, but she is paralyzed by guilt over her darkest deed. Ha, yeah, very good point about time and commitment and superheroes having a general lack of both. This is not new to a show like Lost Girl. Dyson tells Vex and Lauren about the first time he met Bo and fyll he gave her the chi injection she needed to save herself.

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I enjoy their interplay, I and it was good to see them together again. I think that will be key. I can tell you how it vibed to me, which should partly land under point the first, up there.