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Shall see it on my next vacation to India. Cant wait it to release in Uk. I need lions of punjab as soon as possible, you are being infamous for not releasing it DVDs, I saw this movie in PVR in Bangalore when I couldn’t get the tickets of other movies in the theater, but i believed in the movie and saw with my friends, everyone of us liked it, I have tried searching the DVD of this movie at every library in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The movie maintains a nice balance between affection for its fame-seekers and sharp jokes at their expense. Manish, mate, are you ever making another film? Hi Manish, Dude i have been waiting like hell for this movie. Each has a special, individual reason for being there.

Almost As Good As Chocolate. The most obvious model for this sweet, low-budget production is Christopher Guest’s Best in Show I am very interested in buying the DVD since there seems to be no other way of getting to watch your film — can you point me in the right direction in this regard. Sulu is an ambitious housewife with a loving husband and a happy family. A grandfather, a priest, and a police officer investigate the case of a kidnapped child. One of the things I loved about the movie was the instant association. Edit Storyline A ruthless philantrophist. Have been recommending it to my friends in the US and India..

No offense taken, Sarvesh. But to say that the film is very funny is to understate the case.

And the acting was excellent — Shabana shines with her nuanced gestures, Ayesha Dharker nails her role as the tougher half of the in-love and idealistic couple, Seema Rahmani is sexy and touchingly sweet when she needs to be and Jameel Khan is… brilliant!


Edit Details Official Sites: Hopefully the long wait will make the presentx even better. Suruchi — Manish is working on all non-Indian distribution deals. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite prdsents and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Also, our press clippings file newspapers, magazines, reviews, etc. It works on several levels thanks to deft observations of character supported by superb ensemble performances.

I wish to be a director too. I’ve been dying to get all my friends to see it as well as my non-Indian boyfriend. Anyway, do tell all your Presenrs friends to go see the movie when it opens theatrically in their city. Hope to see many more movies from your end.

The most obvious model for this sweet, low-budget production is Christopher Guest’s Best in Show Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Shabana Azmi lf Rrita Kapoor.

Loins of Punjab Presents

I was talking to a friend last night and she mentioned that almost all of her friends in NYC had watched the film on DVD. Though one of the finest systems in the world, the lacunae in the system have created issues. Enter a roller-coaster world of Is there some sort of email alert I can get when it comes out on DVD? I personally watched it in NYC theater and thought it was fantastic, but lot of my friends and family want to watch it in NJ.

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Dude i have been waiting like hell for this movie. Yes No Report this. Are you guys really selling out theatres with the staggered releases you have been having?


I have seen the trailers and they are awesome. Thanks for the feedback on that bit of the film. The first one should go into production early next year.

Hey Manish, September has come. Directors like you and movies like yours are capable of putting India on the world map of Cinema. Start your free trial. Oh and his partner in his act is also his life partner — an African-American-bhangra-rapping preswnts.

Loins of Punjab

Dear Sarvesh, The movie was released on Sep 21 and so it has been about 8 months since release. I have heard a lot of great things about ur movie and am since waiting for the uncut dvd to come out. Ishitta Sharma as Preeti Patel.

Will roll out nationwide punjsb select cities in the US this Fall. Edit Storyline A ruthless philantrophist. I, unlike many others in this industry, prefer to not talk about my projects when I am making them. One year after the movie releaseOne cannot find anything online to buy. The poor kid is surrounded not just by the overly controlling parents, but the entire clan of Patels, at least one of whom is constantly attached to Preeti. An uninspired cultural comedy with a few sharp lines to recommend it.