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You’re partially right, but not in the way you’re expecting. When they explained about death and losing memory. More about log horizon 2 , log horizon 2 episode 14 , log horizon 2 anime , log horizon 2 crunchyroll. Sorry, it’s not answered yet Aww , anyway thanks! Some vibes between him and Isuzu there. The ending was nice.

You’re partially right, but not in the way you’re expecting. Just as what I read on the Light Novel!!!! I hope the action kicks again soon: Shirou is really an hardcore gamer, to play Elder Tale for at least 8 years. It’s really creepy to think of losing memory. Stand with me, friends! The first one is the development of the game concepts including both the initial history of the game and the introduction of demi-humans or monsters. I like this anime but something is intriguing me , Elder Tale is not a virtual game , it’s a “normal” mmorpg , how do you get stuck in a mmorpg?

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I’m glad the series is finally hinting something that is related to the real life and not just the game itself. It episoed the only magic that was able to affect people from a higher dimension in the first place.

The fact that each time they die, they lose part of their memory ALA Valvrave means they cannot count on being immortal in a quality of life sense. So Elder Tale is 20 years old game, woah The thing about Alvs and Demi-humans Still this does peisode up a question.


She seems to want to reunite with Shiroe, which Kanami explains the intentions to her party. Still it’s a bit strange that a game developer recreate the rpisode of its own world correctly.

The question is how did Elder Tale exist even before the open beta?

Hence, the demi-humans are like zombies. It’s really creepy to horizin of losing memory. I don’t want it to end up as some bunch of weeaboos playing an mmorpg that they can’t log out and ignore their real life.

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This shows that world-class magic was able to affect the whole universe of Elder Tale or the game itself. Log in with Facebook Episoce in with Twitter. Once you may have given up this dream. Overall I like how Toumo does his world building.

Episode 14 shows that random things can happen to the People of the Land. You’re partially right, but not in the way you’re expecting.

I really love this anime, it is getting so so awesome, it’s already awesome, I can’t even picture how good it is gonna turn out! No matter how many enemies there are. No matter how strong evil is.

We are introduced with three phases three times the World Fraction was used of how the game has evolved. So in a way they have to find the source of the third world fraction in order to find out how to get back home.


If you watched the previous episodes, flavor text from weapons and other items have come to life. Nice episode, a lot of information got shown here, knew something bad happens when a character dies.

I wish actual MMO’s would put as much thought into the backstory of game mechanics. So much info dumped in this episode. Hope you’ll you read it! Any LN readerscare to spoil me some regarding my query?

I believe it’s better to look at the memory-loss as a side effect of the World Fraction rather than a system. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I think not, they’d still be conscious as always and they’d still be Adventurers. The epsode battle near the end of the episode was refreshing as well.

It appears that they are not stuck in a VRMMO or some experiment using plausible futuristic technology but instead is actually transported into a brand new world. Because the basis of this world is our world itself.

Die and you lose your memory, all of a sudden In reality, your superheroes were always fighting. Some vibes between him and Isuzu there. Just as what I read on the Light Novel!!!! It’s called Anime Viking.