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Undoubtedly, she is beautiful, but put her next to YEH and she becomes completely annulled, which is fun when you are rooting for YEH but renders the dramatic tension of the situation void. The gawkers kinda cramped my viewing pleasure. Do not kick the fallen! They look at a picture of Ah Jung with her mom. What unnecessary conflict are they going to fill up the next six episodes with? I do hope that she will made wiser decisions in the future, since this the drama story lines have not work as good for her in the last 2 dramas. Oh, and i can always welcome some kissy scenes, atleast a few hugs here and there.

OTP magic power so awesome.. How can you make people happy just by look at what your act? Ah Jung says why is a perfect man speaking about a person behind their back. I want to know a male perspective!! She knows how important the deal is to his career and he is willing to risk it all. Nothing is more important than our kids. Han In Soo Supporting Cast. I dunno wich one!!

The separation from his then fiance was a rational decision and consistent with his character — he chose to spare his brother the pain, which he had chosen before on many occasions. Yoo Ha Na Cameo. Park Ji Yoon Supporting Cast.

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap

That is common sense!!! This indicates that Ki Joon is being overly familiar with Ah Jung, and has a much closer relationship with her]. For him to confess to the Chairman that Ah Jung was not married to him means that the Chairman is going to feel massively deceived and likely end their business arrangement. SH was just back and he dramafrazy by his decision not to be back with YJ in case SH gets upset and to top it all — he is inexplicably drawn to AJ.

Nothing is more important than our kids. But if the story keeps going downhill even that will fizzle in the end. Funny that people are saying that they dont like his voice, because Dgamacrazy use to feel the same way.


Yoon Joo is chastened, and notes that she once thought Manager Park was on her side. Just wait, there is a hurricane coming! Ah Jung gets drunk and staggers off with Ki Joon following her. He takes her hand and makes her promise to discuss things with him.

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! This is simply too deep to be considered a comedy. Kang Rae Yun Supporting Cast. Its really unlike yesterdays ep, which I think was the foundation.

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I would have totally reacted like Ah-jung after finding his video on her phone. Wishing you many more anniversaries to come, Fighting!!!

Sang Hee refuses to explain who the woman in question is, only repeating that Ki Joon now also likes the woman he likes. Ki Joon smiles, telling her not to be nervous, and do dramaceazy good job.

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She apologized already and it’s not entirely her fault. So Ran thanks them for hanging out with her before she leaves the country. Ah jung ah…hahaha…remains me 49 days. Yoon Joo should just accept that things have change and tht she needs to go back to Paris and look for a new boyfriend.

So wrong in its depiction of normal behavior in Asia. Thank you so much!!!! Eleven11 June 7, at LOL, Nah, its just that it was supose to be comedy, but the twist and turns, make it more a melodrama!

Really, this being weecap or proper recap, I found it What unnecessary conflict are they going to fill up the next six episodes with? She thanks him for the toy and heads back to work. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

And in which case, the drama probably should’ve been titled ‘Kiss Me’ lols. It allows the lie to fully get exposed and thrown away as a plot device. So Ran buys one for Ah Jung, saying that she feels sorry for her.


Ah Jung agrees and they head out. Thanks Koala for taking time to recap, congratulations to your baby koala on her graduation…. They were friends, but the little green monster -jealousy- ultimately tear them apart one wanting what the other has. They head outside to talk. It was really informative. Can you feel dramacrszy I have a hard time watching Pirates of the Caribbean because Orlando Bloom flares his nostrils too darmacrazy and Keira Knightly never stops posing her lips.

Ki Joon walks up behind Ah Jung and grabs her hand, taking her away.

Korean Drama: Lie To Me Episode 12 Eng Sub

I don’t care if you don’t make any sense. If I was the one http: He came a little too late. You, stay the same. I need to see our OTP interact a bit more — I miss the fun childish pranky side of KJ and the bubbliness of AJ — I need them to call a time out on all the villains around them and just go spend some quality time — grocery shopping even.

I felt so bad for Sang Hee. And the song says: A truly good one, great acting and a good storyline is: She just needs to get it. Chen is like, Hello there Darmacrazy.

They need closure, for rramacrazy sake, they need to have peace in their hearts, for them, to episoe on!

Why you ask me what you can do with a girl?