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I think she would look more stupid to claim a false abortion. They all look stupid. Cycle didn’t stop until she moved out of state. I luh your font. I refuse to watch this mess. Of the two though, yeah, Papoose is better. While Yandy sits at home and figures out how to come up with a name for that talcum powder she’s about to make between her legs.

She just don’t want to admit. And you still mad? What, sitting next to your wife! Whomever is styling her should have known better than to put a dress on her so revealing to show those flaws without a make up cover. She must have ulcers with all that bitterness she carries. Whomever it was, they were escorted out, SMH.

She was a glue sniffer sis? Give it time, I am sure it will surface, like a rival stripper or something. That’s what she said on Twitter.

Wait how bout Yandys clap lhnny with CT?!! She’s occupying space for free in Rah’s head. I don’t care for either of them but a llhhny having a family and being with that family are 2 different things. This made my day. Bad Breath on D! I know a chick just like this Mona the pimp ran with it and made money from it. Abortion is not birth control, these two women are disgraceful. Everyone but her could see that she was not his type and he would never see her as anything but his friend.

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None of that sdotomen because it wasn’t a part of the script!! At this point I don’t even think they care about Dirty Pete, they just want to one up each other. I couldn’t get passed those arm pits though. I believe Peter lied to both those woman.


Whatever helps her sleep. Destroying black woman 1 episode at a time. Or at the start of the next season once Amina have numma Reason ddotkmen why I refuse to watch. Dont post ish else til noon. It’s embarrassing to watch. She may be stupid, but too much salt can lead to diabetes. Well, why did she say she got an abortion? Regardless of what you think about her, she’s unmarried, single, with no kids.

I like Cardi, but she needs some more fixing. So you saying she come from a long line of “You have to grease your SCAB before you put in a relaxer.

Yet on the show she told his daughter it was because they had an effed up relationship Tara was always the side chick. They look equally stoopid I love Black love! Everything’s gonna be alright Treach voice. They are returning back to reality Chile where the phuck is Jenie?? Lol you on one this morning. Amina should of kept shyt real and said Boy the show has went through some changes.

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Also it was 3 ssason 8 months in the clink, two babies, a wedding and back to clink! Papoose is great, his wife sucks. Reality TV is like a death knell for relationships. Why you not looking out for you?


Tara whole face was cracked Amina was on Social media half the night trying to explain why she got the abortion to turn around and get pregnant. Awww, hope she’s okay.

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Ulcers and high blood pressure are no joke. I can only blame it on the fact she is indeed an actress and she deserves an award for being the best at fooling her damn self.

I posted about it on my fb page lol. And I am very angry that kids are involved. But you didnt marry ME I think the latter!

I don’t watch the show either. He has to be. I also need to know why Lexi says dumb stuff like, you’re so salty I hope you get diabetes I can’t fathom being that damn stupid on purpose Peter must have a 14 karat gold dingaling and great ass personality or he just knows how to pick stupid chicks I can get pregnant too Who can occupy theirs first with a gut fulla Peter Gunz.