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A Russian and a German sniper play a game of cat-and-mouse during the Battle of Stalingrad. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Eastwood’s sensitive and unique portrait of the defending forces on the island of Iwo Jima during the American attack there of WWll. It makes war seem too terrible to bear. Akiko Shima as Lead Woman. Jan 19, Rating: Its especially notable for the time taken to draw out the likable humanity of the particular personalities showcased.

Sir, the Americans would not treat a wounded Japanese soldier. But the Iwo Jima battle was a devastating defeat for Japan. Please try again later. The film interrogates the inevitability of loss in war, even when victory is proclaimed. Clint went to great lengths to humanize the Japanese soldiers – almost to the point of neglecting to show the scale and ferocity of the actual conflict. Compared to your average war-movie, “Letters” has a bit more depth to it.

Each, in his own way, understands what’s coming, and each embodies a certain nobility that is at once familiar from U. Ken Kensei as Maj.

That works well and gives us a profound understanding of the motivations, emotions and sociology of the Iwo Jima battle. The story centres on Saigo, a young baker who is conscripted into defending the island of Iwo Jima as the last line of defence against the advancing American forces.

But was that the entire substance of Subtitlws From Iwo Jima? Edgar Hoover, powerful head of the F. Another example, this time by way of a flashback, comes from way down in the ranks. We Were Soldiers Prime Video Verified Purchase. It shows a side of things that most of us never see. Nelson Mandela, in his first term as sutbitles South African President, initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land: Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Yukari Black as Mother. The color palette, the shaky-cam, death and sutbitles between quick-cuts, and dirt flinging up from ricocheting bullets are all done via “Saving Private Ryan”‘s style except with a considerably lacking production value.


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Daisuke Tsuji as Cave Soldier No. The soliders are mostly noble, though they’re confronted by impossible orders, expected to commit suicide rather than surrender with an eye to future honor ; some soldiers including Americans are plainly overzealous and weary, killing out of frustration.

Lieutenant Fujita Takumi Bando See all reviews. There is another flashback involving Kuribayashi, years earlier in California. Medic Endo as Sonny Seiichi Saito.

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Do what is right, because it is right. Ryan Streqming as Marine at Clearing. This movie hits all the nerves that it was intended to hit. Letters ends on the beach where it begins, refusing to illustrate a streamin after loss, concentrating instead on loss itself. Concentrating on the battle at Iwo Jima, director Clint Eastwood ‘s film depicts the daily grind and worries of the Japanese soldiers that occupied the island, awaiting an inevitable attack by U.

Letters from Iwo Jima 7. Feb 23, Rating: The movie’s sense of doom is powerfully conveyed; one graphic scene has weeping soldiers blowing themselves up with grenades. The 25 Best Movies – List 1.

Edit Details Official Sites: Yes No Report this. But what “Letters from Iwo Jima” does differently compared to ANY war movie from what I’ve seen is the depiction of themes and struggles that have scarcely been covered in any type of American storytelling. American public opinion might then compel an end to the Pacific War with Japan retaining its sovereignty.


Thirty-six days, 21, Japanese and 6, Americans dead, and the course of a world war and of global history changed. A couple of soldiers write letters home that reveal their awareness of their imminent bad ends.

There are lessons to be learned here about conflict at the human level, about the differences in culture and the similarities between the Japanese and the Americans for instance, the roles of honor and pragmatism, about military culture, etc.

Talk to your kids about Aug 23, Full Review…. Iwo Jima is an island in the western Pacific located miles southeast of Tokyo. Nobumasa Sakagami as Admiral Ohsugi. Which is the best series comprising only 2 films? Its especially notable for the time taken to draw out the likable humanity of the particular personalities showcased. The horrific battle for which the island will forever be known was fought from Feb 19 to Mar 26, But he kills himself 20th century style – with a gun to the head instead of a blade in the belly.