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Bombs explode in Syria and a couple pretending to be victims of the blast prank call the station. Neal is arrested while filming an Occupy Wall Street protest, and Will goes to the police station to bail him out. Takes place between May 3 and June 24, Sloan pinch-hits on Elliot’s Maggie prepares to leave for Africa. Takes place on May 1,

Jim discovers that his ex-girlfriend Maggie’s roommate, Lisa has a second job working for a caterer at the campaign watch party. Takes place on November 3, Will is concerned about his likability with the audience, has a focus group done, and at Nina Howard’s urging, attempts to change his public image. However, Maggie’s best friend Lisa, Kelen Coleman discovers the video and decides to end their friendship. Takes place on Election Night , November 6, The staff is being interviewed by Rebecca Halliday and recount how they all failed to discover the Genoa story was false. Perlman and Aaron Sorkin Teleplay by: To Jim’s dismay Taylor Warren, the Romney campaign spokesperson, tags along.

During a party at Will’s apartment Charlie receives a call from an anonymous source telling him that he will receive an email from the White House Press Secretary. Meanwhile, riots are beginning in Cairo because of an American film insulting Islam and a terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi occurs. Retrieved July 10, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved July 17, Seeing an opportunity to return to the glory days of televised news instead of ratings-driven infotainmenthis boss Charlie Skinner Sam Waterston has hired Will’s ex-girlfriend MacKenzie McHale Emily Mortimer as the new executive producer.

Jim informs everyone that the second suspect in the bombings was found in a boat in someone’s backyard, and Will replies that they need to get confirmation before he goes on the air to say that. Retrieved December 16, They take the story to Charlie Skinner.

Takes place between August 25 and September 21, Retrieved August 28, On the way to talk about the situation privately, Charlie has a heart attack and newsroom staff run to his aid.

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Will, Charlie, and Mac are trying to convince Leona and her son Reese to accept their resignations. Will is concerned about his likability with the audience, has a focus group done, and at Nina Howard’s urging, attempts to change his public image. Retrieved December 4, Leona talks Pruit into rectifying his emerging negative image with women by hiring Mac as the network president, replacing Charlie.


Don urges Maggie to set Jim up on a date with her newsrook, Mac’s boyfriend pitches a story about the government’s inability to prosecute financial crimes and Neal Dev Patel tries out his Bigfoot theory on anyone who will listen. As Will is released from prison, he is told by Mac that Charlie has died.

Don informs Sloan that he purchased stock prior to Sloan reporting it in a newscast.

Takes place on March 16, Retrieved July 30, Takes place on May 1, Mac and Will find out that she is pregnant, and Will quits smoking as a result. Remembering Maggie’s recollection of Daniel playing with her blonde hair, Rebecca curses as she realises that Maggie had cut it herself after having a flashback to that moment, something that would cast doubt on her mental state. Set around Charlie’s funeral service and wake, a series of flashbacks show how his vision created the new format for News Nighthow he hired Mac, how Mac told the young student at Will’s first episode question and answer scene how to be the first at the microphone to ask a question, how Charlie led Will into becoming a better journalist, and other pre-series situations including Don and Sloan’s first meeting.

Takes place between September 9 and September 11, However, the interview does not go well, as Richard continually remarks that the effect of human CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere is unchangeable. Views Read Edit View history. Mac has a meeting with Lily in Washington to ask her to extend the deadline to broadcast the story newsrook she leaks it, but she does not promise to.

Daniel is shot sdason killed while Maggie is carrying him on her back as they evacuate. Maggie and Sloan track down the person who posted the YouTube video of Maggie’s confession about Newsroo, in front of the Sex and the City tour bus, and try to make a deal with her to take it down.

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Charlie Skinner says the story is not ready to air. Jim and Hallie, along with a neswroom reporter, Stillman Cameron Gharaeeare kicked off the press bus after Jim fails to convince the rest of the reporters to take a stand with them. Retrieved August 27, Retrieved August 6, Takes place on Election NightNovember 6, The news that bin Laden has been killed by American special forces is soon confirmed ssason Will, still high on marijuana, is able to report it.


Jim suspects Maggie who is still shaken from her ordeal in Africa is drunk at work. Mac makes Jim the show’s executive producer after offering the job to Lfona, who chooses to stay with and improve the 10 o’clock news show. Reese decides not to accept Will, Charlie, and Mac’s resignations, but Will and Charlie have already decided not to resign.

Hallie arranges a double date for her and Jim with her friend and Neal. The title of the episode alludes to the greater fool theory. The email informs him of an impending nationwide presidential address. He meets Lisa and encourages her to return to speaking terms with Maggie. A confidential source gives Charlie a sexson manifest from Operation Genoa that contains landing classified item, which Charlie believes is sarin gas.

Neal returns from Venezuela and is disappointed at how the new team is running ACN Digital and tells them they are going to rebuild it.

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Takes place between Newwroom 27,and June 1, Maggie is living with Don, but the two break up after Newssroom discovers a video of Maggie declaring her love for Jim from the Season 1 finale posted online. To Jim’s dismay Taylor Warren, the Romney lansin spokesperson, tags along. Will backtracks on his resignation, stating that they will stand behind Reese, then tells Neal to get legal representation.

Jim and Maggie attempt a fruitless search for Edward Snowden at a Russian airport, eventually ending up on a false-alarm hour plane flight. Maggie wants to do a story in Africa and pitches it to Mac. Sloan inadvertently informs Jim that she has been sleeping with Don.

Charlie and Mac go to Maryland to meet him and he agrees to be interviewed.