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No materials or supplies for the work shall be purchased by the Contractor or by any Subcontractor subject to any chattel mortgage or under a conditional sales or other agreement by which an interest is retained by the seller. All persons and vehicles entering the prison complex are subject to being searched. Control Circuits shall be microprocessor logic or equivalent and designed with a and maintenance. Failure on the part of the Bidder to provide the aforementioned documentation may be cause to declare the bid non-responsive. Any deficiencies shall be promptly and permanently corrected by the Contractor at the Contractor’s sole expense prior to final acceptance of the work. Safety switches shall control the lower access panel and the right hand concealment panel to prevent machine from automatically operating while these panels are not in place. The location of control shall be within arm’s reach when sitting or standing at the posting board. Personnel may bring in medication prescribed by a physician; however, they may only bring in a one day’s supply.

The completion date may be a factor in making the award. Under normal operating conditions, the “normal” light will display green, white or appropriate message. Lektriever services include layout, design, installation, moves, relocations, routine maintenance, parts and preventative maintenance agreements. All security regulations shall be observed at all times. Layout and design assistance is an essential part of our business. The Contractor small have clear title to all materials and supplies for which are invoiced for payment. Sound level will be 60 dB. This device shall be active and in no way shall the machine be made operable by means of by-passing any or all of the safety devices.

The submission of a bid will be considered as conclusive evidence that the bidder has made such examination and is satisfied as to the conditions to be encountered in performing the work. Maximum stopping distance of the conveyor system shall not exceed one inch.

Any impairment or incapacitation from the use of alcohol or other drugs except the use of drugs for legitimate medical purposes. The Contractor’s equipment and personnel shall be subject to security checks and associated delays therefrom. Covers 18 GA I.

Powered File Cabinet Videos. Control Circuits shall be microprocessor logic or equivalent and designed with a and maintenance. Kardex Electric Lateral Filing Machines are Ergonomically Designed ADA Compliant File Cabinets The electric lateral filing machines minimize physical effort such as twisting, bending, and lifting, providing easy operation regardless of the user’s body size, posture or mobility.



Should the institution be operating when the units are delivered, the Contractor shall comply with the additional following requirements: Wiring from the key-pad logic board and the microprocessor system logic board shall be of the ribbon cable edge connector or equivalent flexible cable harness type for quick and easy access for maintenance.

Remstar Lektriever File Cabinets specifciations known as MegaStar MediaStation Cabinets are a series of vertically arranged revolving file shelves or file drawers. The institution shall have advance notification of names of all personnel who will be utilized. Arrangements for site visit can be made by contactingMr. Contractor shall provide a warranty for the entire work against defective materials, workmanship and performance for a period of two years from the date of acceptance, excluding vandalism.

These electric lateral filing machines are easily controlled by an electronic keypad or system software. The normal serkes or status indicator shall switch off simultaneously. The control circuits will be readily accessible from the front of the unit and as follows: See our FREE document scanning offer! The panel will consist of a labeled index, single or multiple keypad control with illuminated LED or equivalent to indicate the carrier position or other approved equivalent type read- out window.

Under normal operating conditions, the “normal” light will display green, white or appropriate message. A valid DMV drivers license is acceptable.

Remstar Lektriever File Cabinets | Kardex Electric Lateral Filing Machines

This email address is being protected from spambots. Posting board will have a rounded front edge and no sharp corners for operator safety. The Contractor shall notify the Agency’s Representative at least seven working days prior to beginning such work. At the conclusion of the work, the Contractor specificatioms demonstrate to the Agency’s Representative that the work is fully operational and in compliance with any applicable codes and these Specifications.

Contractors and their representatives are limited to movement to and from and within the immediate area of their work. Contractor hereby agrees to furnish, without cost to the Commonwealth of Virginia, all labor, materials and transportation both ways for replacement of specificatiosn materials which are found to be defective during the warranty period.

The first safety system shall consist of an infrared source and detector or other approved equivalent device located at both the high and low posting board levels and at the top sfries the file access security door level. The status display shall consist of a minimum of five or equivalent status indicators and shall visually warn the operator of seriss following: Prior to the Contractor starting work, the Agency will designate an area near the site for the Contractor’s employees and others connected with the work to park vehicles.


Kardex Lektriever motorized electric file cabinets stand upright vertically to convert wasted overhead airspace space into productive file storage space. Food for Contractor’s employees may be brought in, provided it is enclosed in a see-through container, wrapped or packaged in a see-through container that will allow for search.

The Contractor shall perform the described work in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and these Specifications.

More in this category: Kardex Lektriever Series 80, 90, Electric File Cabinets A great way to increase filing productivity while saving floor space is with a Kardex Lektriever Series 80, 90, ADA compliant electric motorized file cabinet. The location of control shall be within arm’s reach when sitting or standing at the posting board.

The file unit shall incorporate an stop push-button that is within easy reach of the operator seated at the posting board. Sound specificatilns will be 60 dB. Keys shall be removed from all vehicles and other mobile equipment at all times when not in operation.

Additionally, it will maintain these during the entire term of the contract and that lektreiver insurance coverages will be provided by insurance companies authorized to sell insurance in Virginia by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

The electrically powered file cabinets are controlled by an electronic keypad, or it can be interfaced with records management software for automated movement. Safety control systems shall include the following: This is required even if quoting on the exact brand name as shown.

Means shall be provided to operate manually the drive assembly with a suitable hand crank that is easy to access from the front of the unit.

These rollers shall move within a track system. All of our equipment is available on the GSA contract. All work requiring a Contractor’s License will be the responsibility of the Agency.