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The ants were building their bridges. As I recall, the Exposition is another term for the Introduction, as the Epilogue, Falling Action, Denouement and Resolution are all terms used for the final part of a short story. The reason a character thinks, feels, acts. After having taken all the precautions he deemed necessary, the farmer ate his supper with considerable appetite and went to bed. At times, she wondered if her goodness would ever be rewarded. He stationed his men at irregular distances along the water ditch, the first line of defence.

Here the defenders’ front was sparse and scattered; everyone who could be spared had hurried away to the south. Now that he had completed his task, he felt the smart raging over his flesh from the bites of sawing and piercing insects. All the troops so far hurled into the ditch had been sacrificed in vain. On the student handout, these become G and B. But the ends of the “horseshoe” ran into the river which formed the northern boundary, and fourth side, of the plantation. This was destined to be the scene of the outbreak of war between Leiningen’s brain and twenty square miles of life-destroying ants. Not by a long shot; they were all the more eager now on a rich and certain booty–four hundred men, numerous horses, and bursting granaries. He was well aware of their power of adaptation, their sense of discipline, their marvelous talent for organization.

As the numbers both of his men and his petrol sprinklers were severely limited, this rapid extension of the line of battle was becoming an overwhelming danger.

The ants were getting across far more quickly than Leiningen would have deemed possible. The omniscient narrator knows all the thoughts and feelings of all the characters. Pay particular attention to descriptive language and connotative meanings. For Leiningen had not erred when he decided he would fight elemental with elemental. The news ran swiftly along the entire chain of outposts, and soon a long scattered line of laughing men could be seen hastening along the ditch towards the scene of victory.


Thanks, very nice post. Stock Characters Stock characters are characters that tend to be types rather than individuals.

At times, she wondered if her goodness would ever be rewarded. The besieged were versud able to contemplate at their leisure the thumb-long, reddish black, long-legged insects; some of the Indians believed they could see, too, intent on them, the brilliant, cold eyes, and the razor-edged mandibles, of this host of infinity. Once more an oily girdle surrounded the garrison, once more it was possible to hold the position–for the moment.

At times, she wondered if her goodness would ever be rewarded. Email required Address never made public. Bad — ants move around and seem to be lpot, communicating with one another. Registration Forgot your password? But as the distance began to lessen between the “sons of hell” and the water ditch, they relapsed into silence. With his bristling grey hair, bulky nose, and lucid eyes, he had the look of an aging and shabby eagle.

They’re not leininen you can fight–they’re an elemental–an ‘act of God! This spectacular and instant repulse threw the Indians into ecstasy. Knee leoningen of adult, Vocabulary Interests ect. The flooding of the plantation had begun. The theme expresses the author’s opinion or raises a question about human nature or the meaning of human experience.

Plot summary of Leiningen versus the ants: 2

Themes can be found everywhere: Ditch or no ditch, we’ll get to your flesh! Leinihgen Pre-reading Pay careful attention to the attitudes expressed toward creativity, originality, and the arts.

But such disasters, Leiningen contended, merely strengthened his argument that intelligence, directed aright, invariably makes man the master of his fate. Finally, he made a careful inspection of the “inner moat”–a smaller ditch lined with concrete, which extended around the hill on which leinlngen the ranch house, barns, stables and other buildings.


Again and again, the water sank and rose, carrying leaves and drowned ants away with it. Instead they devised a better maneuver; they began to collect shreds of bark, twigs and dried leaves and dropped these into the petrol.

Short Stories.

It might be possible to dam the great river completely, so that its waters would fill not only the water ditch but overflow into the entire gigantic “saucer” of land in which lay the plantation. Besides, there was a bit of a chance. The ants were indeed mighty, but not so mighty as the boss. He pulled on high leather boots, drew heavy gauntlets over his hands, and stuffed the spaces between breeches and boots, gauntlets and arms, shirt and neck, with rags soaked in petrol.

With a bound he was over–and among the ants. The human brain needs only to become fully aware of its powers to conquer even the elements. Connects the material to the reader. He and his men can take refuge in the heights of the manor house on a hill. Nightmares haunted her, and she feared that darkened scullery when the rats came out thw played about her feet. Apparently the salve was some use after all; not until he reached halfway did he feel ants under his clothes, and a few on his face.

He began to stagger forward again.

Leiningen now had them lopped so that ants could not descend from them within the “moat. So their greed was not glutted in razing that vast plantation?