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Grab a torpedo from the purple light and shoot it with X while the target in front of the shield gate is bracketed. Near your launching point, you may notice red lights and a small round object. Since the one you control is generally in the lead, he’ll take the most hits, so your helmet will be a lot safer. At the end, have Artoo get rid of the steam. Use the Artoo panel and bust down the nearby wall. Do the same for the other side. Step on both to raise a vent you can crawl through. In the same room as 2, use the Force on the platforms on the wall.

Use them to blast the gate and the guys behind and to get the droids back. These are all purchased for studs, except for the last one, which is These lead to the Bonus Missions, which I have more on in their respective section. Take out the troopers, then walk up to C-3PO. Force the bike into the machine, then raise the machine to make a pile. Freeplay Mode – Episode VI. Use R2-D2 to open the door on the left and C-3PO to open the door you just built the ramp to, and assemble all of these pieces as well. At this point, you have to drain his life or else he’ll keep calling in more stormies, so blast him to smithereens, then mop up the rest of the troopers and studs.

The Goblet of Fire Year 5: Go to the right and assemble the ramp so the droids can get up, then go left, have Wicket crawl up, pull the lever, and assemble the grapple point so everyone else can go to the left gate. Gun down all the stormies in this area, including those on the dewbacks.

Watch out for the grates that fall. Standard Guide Stuff 11A. Blast or saber away the bricks under a rock outcropping to lower it, then hop up and further down the causeway.

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What you need to do here is take out the enemies specified.

You have to shoot down 10 creatures. He’ll operate a green circle, so follow him through that.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough – Page 5

Challenge In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out.

Grapple up to the next level wras pull the lever to drop some pieces. Don’t forget to shoot just about everything that can be shot to get as many studs as you can.

You’ll need the AT-ST roaming around for that. Finally, assemble the head and Force that onto it. On the other is another Rebel having it out with some stormies.

Now, have Artoo hover to the left and activate his panel to extend a bridge, then have Threepio use his panel next to the door and leave. Commence attack on the Death Star’s main reactor! Once across, mind the dropping stormies. Oh, and if you miss, you’ll have to go all the way back to the beginning of the trench.

When something can be blown by a episore detonator, you’ll know because it’ll be a shiny gray and your shots will rebound off it. It’ll probably take a few tries and reshutting of doors, but keep at it. Once you put together the movie screen, shoot it down.

To get the final Canisteruse an Astromech on the panel outside of the movie theater and go inside for yet another Double Score Zone.

Most of the walls have flaps which can be Forced open minikiits more studs. Your objective is to hit all five buttons. You can customize the following parts: Just past the first chasm is a wall that can be Forced down by a Sith.

The blue-marked ones can be destroyed for studs and torpedoes, so take them out hard. Go grab a helmet from the dispenser, then use it on the white circle to move on.


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Watch out the bats. Revenge of the Sith Episode IV: Bounty Hunter Missions Bonus Features. You may have to kind of adjust to get it in just right.

Revenge of the Sith. In this area, head to the left and Force the block into a step. Use the Force to lower the lower mushroom, then wait a second and lower the second one.

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Once the door opens, you’re ready to go! Now you can reach the minikit. The long corridor with the third blue and white module has lots of them to break, including ones stacked on top of them, so gun them all down. There will be epispde story clips, and some missions will be slightly changed to reflect this.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – FAQ/Walkthrough

Collecting all ten and completing the vehicle will give you 50, studs, a Gold Brick, and will allow you to use that vehicle in Minikit bonus missions. Shoot down the four droid detectors so the metal guys can get through. There’s one by the beginning, one further out on the left, and one further out on the right.

Hop in the Falcon to end this long mission. Pass through and on to the next area. After leaving the Cantina, grapple up and build the second grappling point, then use it.