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They were really good in my opinion. It would make logical sense for Zuko’s mother to be dead too. When will avatar the Legend of Korra air in the UK? Split and merge into it. Well, some of us gasped, most of us cursed loudly. Ash and Trip’s Third Battle! Well, considering it’s scheduled to premiere April 14, the promos and preview will probably show up before that date. Katara is in her 80’s in this series and all of her friends have already passed away.

Korra and Tonraq are a ridiculously good team, taking shots and giving each other room at the right moments to take down their opponent. Huge stretch but I don’t know. Book 3 aired from June 27, to August 22, , but startingJuly 25, was only available online. The creators felt that they were able to end Aangs journey at the end of Avatar the Last Airbender as it was mainly Aang having to defeat the firelord and end the war. You can catch it on saturdays on Nickelodean at See these chains are platinum. Where can you watch The Legend of Korra online regularly? Aang defeats Fire Lord.

Balance is on October 3,but it wil … l also only beavailable online at Nick.

The most specific they have been is to say that it will be released by the end of Korra will be the last Avatar. March 23 or 24, on ,orra internet. Huge stretch but I don’t know.

It would be cool if aang was still goofy as in, less serious than his son in the spirit realm. The health issues were finals caused by him being trapped in that ice burg for all of those years.


Just a stretch but to anyone that seen the second episode, I think that the brothers are connected to Toff sp? The Legend of Korra introduces the latest Avatar, Korra and extends the story. The season will continue on July 11th at a pace of two episodes a … week until August 8th.

Where can you watch the Legend of Korra? Can I just say seasn height difference is really adorable? Like I saw up until they met Toph then lost interest. You think as soon as she gets the spiritual part down she’ll also get with her air bending? I don’t care for Korra anymore. Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!

Waterbending for healing, sport and puppetry. That ominous cloud I was talking about? When does the Legend of Korra come out?

The Legend of Korra Questions including “Does sokka die”

Pikachu, eat your heart out. The new series is a good idea When is the exact date when The Legend of Korra will air? When is the next Legend of Dubhalpy episode? Aang with a grizzly beard is fucking cool. Yes, you can watch it on the main Nickelodean site. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Battle for the Underground! Fire Lord and Azula get imprisoned.

Discuss your theories and thoughts in the comments! Where can you find the webcomic for Legend of Korra?


Who is the leader of the Equalists from the Legend of Korra? When is nickeldeons Legend of Korra voice auditions on? When will Legend of Korra release? The way I thought about it was they made it like that because of their target audience. They’re making 12 to start off with.


I get way too stoked on cartoon romances. I personally went and watched every episode online just to answer this seasonn question so Is Sokka going to be in the Legend of Korra?

Reunion Battles in Nimbasa! The Last Air Bender cycle finqle. Change began airing on Nickelodeon in the U. When does avatar legend of Kora air in New Zealand?

Season 4 will premiere on October 3, I have linked to where you can view all of season two’s episodes so far, however, if you … want to view season one’s episodes then you can navigate from the top and clicking ‘anime list’ and simply find the title.

I loved the finale, kind of dissapointed amon and korra didnt really fight that much, hes a waterbender, shes a waterbender, would of been a cool dynamic but his bloodbending and backstory was awesome. When will avatar the Legend of Korra air in the UK? I hope it gets rinale then a xeason. I highly doubt we’ll get to see Toph in any of the episodes because she is already dead.

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Stoked on book 2 though, i heard a how’s VA is voicing the main antagonist spirit. What day in November will the series avatar Legend of Korra come out? Shared 30 Facebook Twitter.