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Danielle Cormack, though, is on fine form, arguably her best yet. The title of this episode, it’s worth noting, is a deliberate reference to “Doctor Who”, and companion Amy Pond, who, being only three years old created in suggests the immense cultural impact that that show has. Even her dialogue scenes with Franky lack the underlying sexual chemistry that they had in the previous episode, although there is a nice moment with a cup of coffee. Retrieved 22 March When I was younger, I used to come to the states all the time. Toni Goodes Reef Ireland Retrieved 11 June

It also rather takes away from Franky’s seductive menace, especially when she’s against this episode’s pumped-up Jacs Holt. Die Komplette Sweite Staffel Germany. Retrieved 11 June Jacs’ second in command, Simmo, returns to prison and starts selling drugs for Brayden. It’s a tribute to Nicole Da Silva’s performance that she acts such routine soap-opera fare as this with such unerring conviction, but there is no escaping the fact that her story rather detracts from her character, rather than adding to it. Edit Did You Know? They are constantly writing the series.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Of Wentworth’s season 1 and 2, she appears to be the only actress from the original series. Franky discover that Liz informed Ferguson of her drug trafficking, and warns her that if she returns to Wentworth she will kill her.

Hopefully, it promises that nothing else will ever be the same, as wentwortn turn against each other, and allegiances are redefined.

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We also talked about potential roles in the states, trolling fans on Twitter— and the overwhelming response years later for her character on the Australian drama.

But have you gotten any out-of-the-ordinary messages? I worked with Socratis Otto a lot in theatre, so I just know him. But, whilst the inmates face their own personal problems, Jacs is gunning for Franky, and uses Bea as a pawn, making things extremely difficult for everyone.


During a search, Fletch finds the drugs in Boomer’s cell, resulting in her being slotted and facing an extended sentence. Danielle Cormack, though, is on fine form, arguably her best yet. Now in terms of Twitter, how are you liking it? Season 1 Episode 3. Franky Doyle Kris McQuade In exchange for her silence, Franky arranges for Doreen to have time alone with Nash in the garden shed.

The Girl Who Waited

It was revealed that iconic Prisoner character Joan “The Freak” Ferguson, a sinster, lesbian prison officer, would be introduced in the second season. Franky refuses to call for help and tries to force her to defecate the heroin.

However, the prison staff are displeased with the changes, and are becoming restless. Season 2 United States Wentworth: Retrieved 11 June Bea attacks Brayden when he visits Simmo but fails to kill him.

Eight Wentworth Season Three Endgame Suspicions… |

After having enough of her mother’s constant verbal abuse, Vera gives her a lethal dose of morphine. Leanna learns that Simmo’s daughter is working for Brayden and decides to make Simmo paranoid about her daughter’s safety by getting Linda to lie to Simmo claiming she saw them together.

Retrieved 3 November As active as my mind is, I like to keep my body the same way. The Complete Season Two Blu-ray”. I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to chat with me. They are constantly writing the series.

Retrieved 16 July Each medium is segies different but there is some sort of excitement about waiting, just like you wait, the audience waits for a TV show. It also rather takes away from Franky’s seductive menace, especially when she’s against this episode’s pumped-up Jacs Holt. During the prison lockdown, Will violently attacks Fletch in the boiler room after Fletch reveals that Meg was pregnant with his child and decided to have an abortion.

Edit Storyline Bea gets caught in between rivals Jacs and Franky. Upon her return to work, Vera finds Doreen’s pregnancy test in the ruins of the sries destroyed garden and orders urine samples from all the inmates.


Doreen’s pregnancy is revealed due to her unknowingly using Maxine’s urine, which showed signs of the hormones she was using for her hormone replacement therapy. This is my mission. Doreen tells Nash that she’s pregnant. We were very leeajna in the past. Bea and Franky face off in a knife fight in the laundry and Bea wins.

Eight Wentworth Season Three Endgame Suspicions…

Sadly, after the gleaming pinnacle of “Fly me away”, this episode is something of a let-down, with a few good moments, but also wentowrth lot of contrived false drama. Yes No Report this. I mean, like a favorite show that if you had to be yourself and get stuck in there.

With Franky slightly messed about with, the rest of the episode follows a similar trend towards being disappointing. Jess helps Doreen hide the truth by smuggling her a sample of her own urine. Bea Smith Xeries da Silva Views Read Edit View history. Fletch becomes suspicious of how new inmate, Kelly, and Ferguson know each other.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching and reviewing my favorite T. I attempted to go back wals,an the other night and that was fun, but I just never know what to write!

Ferguson offers Bea a form of alliance. Do we even know how to describe our own quirks. The one character per episode flashback style is now the pattern, with each episode providing the back-story of a single character, and episode 3 is Franky’s story.

Erica Davidson has become the Governess of Wentworth Prison, and sets in motion a series of changes which, she believes, will win her favour with the public.