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I personally enjoyed 3rd job quests. The first few areas the mobs do not attack until you hit them, but as you progress eventually the bad guys get a little smarter. Guilds are another large aspect of this game. They wield daggers, bows, crossbows, and knuckles. The game plays very similar to MapleStory, in that it is a side-scrolling action MMO, with lots of jumping and climbing on platforms and trees to reach destinations; you use a keyboard and mouse, but if you are so inclined, you can use the clunky controller options. Warriors are a class focusing on Power.

This decision is final, so choose carefully! I forgot you dont soul steal until after your job change. Knights possess the highest stamina of any class and have average offense. Most Explorers deal damage from a distance. Emoticon Skills are emoticons for your face. The Temporary tab consists of: There are 9 starting classes in La Tale. Fire and earth tend to be more offensive, while water and wind tend to be more defensive, note that water and winds elements have faster recharge than fire and earth.

Spirit points SP seasin also displayed on the top left corner in blue. Knights possess the highest stamina of any class and have average offense. Terrilicious Alright thanks for that and I will also use that info as well.

Latale 10 years later, then and now

Keep in mind that only a decrease and increase powder stacks. I’m back and will continue to update as I go on gradually.

Their level 50 upgrades are Warlord and Blader, and level are Dragoon and Strider. Soul Breakers wield souls in which many represent zeason monsters in La Tale.

LaTale Season 2 Review. Me testing out Sword Dancer not long after getting it.


Symbols without a colored background clear are consumable items. A new class has arrived: You can only soul steal the ones that they show with the addition of the 1 hidden one after latalr change to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and yes with each job change 4 more are added with as I said that extra hidden monster you have to guess to find or ask around and again I’ll try and make a guide on what monsters are available for each path.

Warriors are the only class that can use greatswords and spears. How were they in seasons one and two? Reason two was that most classes latalw not hit as many mobs as they can now.

LaTale Season 2 Review

Also yeah, hp was a lot lower. It allowed people to spend more time with each other in a way, it felt way more social latalr then. Wizards can either be entirely offensive, entirely defensive, or a mixture of both.

The Journey of A Thousand Miles. Ely is gained through killing monstersselling items, and completing quests.

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It is truly in the same vein as Maple Story, but I do not know if I would go so far as to say a clone. Emoticon Skills are emoticons for your face.

It is very basic, the quest system can be a little tedious, and the crowding of those obnoxious banners in a 2D scape can be very hard to look at. Much of the early game revolves around the Abio Rangers a parody of the very popular Super Sentai franchise in Japan who show you the ropes, literally, as you climb up and down ropes and jump across chasms, learning the ins and outs of being a hero.


Enhancements is not included in that ratio. Great job doing that, but I would like to see some pvp latzle. Veronica Dec 1, 9: The methodology was similar to now, you’d go to the class advance center located in the abyss ruins back then and have to jump your way up a rope past a large mecha goblin that would smack you off said rope.

If you want comment down below on what you think I should add to this guide. Warriors are used for the sole purpose of dealing physical damage patale short range. Although they lack defensive capabilities, Warriors excel at dealing high amounts of physical damage in the frontlines. One skill for increasing of the Four Stats: Season 1 before coli update was mostly white chappel grinding.

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This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. They are also pretty damn expensive to boot. I personally enjoyed 3rd job quests.

Gamers take the role of adventurers in a mythological fantasy world with three continents, Jiendia, Freios, and Eastland.

Attack more up close and afar with a little more adequate damage than High Master as Battle Master. Names are also given to characters at this point be warned that even if a character is deleted, the name will classse be reusable.