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I lost my love of Hiroto when he just stood there watching the fight scene. Naohito Fujiki Main Cast. So I wanted to do this game that was created by kpopandkimchi because it looked fun!!! Posted 13 June – I remember it was a bone of contention for some last week but it was openly expressed without problems in this episode. You can suck it Hirotoooo! Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

Despite the harsh things he says, it was delivered free of animosity. Being ahead in time makes me feel like I have to wait extra long. Tombo from Kiki’s Delivery Service Alright so he’s a little clumsy and annoying at first but he’s genuinely so intersted in Kiki and flying. TV Last Cinderella Episode I lost my love of Hiroto when he just stood there watching the fight scene. While they banter back-and-forth, a beautiful customer, Ogami Chiyoko Nanao , side eyes Sakura. I wish there was a longer story arc for Shima. He stirs awake and she literally flies off the bed, back first.

Even though Sakura claims she feels no romantic feelings for Rintaro which I believeI think what Ken says strikes home. He wants profits and could care less about the customers. Morning arrives and our girl spends her waking hours caking make-up on her face. Oh man, now I have the urge to find it. Thanks for your comment. Before I thought it was supposed to be 12 episodes long, but I guess I was wrong.


Here’s how to watch it! Poe from Star Wars I know, I know, he’s meant to be with Finn, but come on he seems like such an awesome, chill guy who happens to be handsome and smart and a badass.

The Last Cinderella: Episode 1 “Oyaji-gal is here!”

She hisses at his perverted mindset. Rintaro and Sakura are fated, predictable stuff like that. Wow that was strange. She gratefully gushes in Japanese using country slang and sounding like an old cindfrella. Posted 18 June – Endo Shozo Supporting Cast. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Naohito Fujiki Main Cast.

Episoee makes customers pretty, but she isn’t interested in making herself pretty. Posted 25 June – Hanazakari kimi ni tachie e Japanese version: OMG I wish this could happen! When all is done and over, she decides the best way to go out is in her natural face. Thus, another year goes by with her promotion snatched under her nose. Posted 10 June – Here is my list of my favorite K-Drama kiss scenes!!!

Hopefully, this writer can construct the much-needed tugging romance I crave so much to see in a Japanese drama! Silly idea but the fear is not groundless. Oh, and I’m Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed! If not, which one did you watch? Feisty and divorced, Hasegawa Shima Iijima Naoko oozes feminine sensuality wherever she goes.


Aw thanks it will probably be posted on Tuesday! Have you seen him in Bloody Monday?

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Need to wait for eng subs for both of them though. Iijima Naoko acted as an ex-convict who murdered her husband because of domestic violence in a drama in the previous season, btw. Episode 1 is dramzcrazy and beautifully shot, placing us right the middle of her ordinary life.

But I guess in the end, I still end up shipping the underdog.

No woman wants to wake up as a man. They definitely have the bestie thing going on, but turning them to lovers still felt sudden. Meet our year lazt leading lady, Toyama Sakura Shinohara Ryoko.

He likes Sakura but is too prideful to admit it. As for Choko, we all knew she would pull this trick out of her butt sometime.

Which leads us to this. It must be foreshadowing, eh?