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After selecting the directory that contains the file s you want to add, you can filter out a certain type of file with Files of type. Observe 16 bit termination issues on wide SCSI systems. Two models of Lasergraphics film recorders are no longer supported in WinRascol 4. It also points out some new features of WinRascol. This problem is fixed in Freelance Graphics for Windows ver 2. Changing the default settings will allow WinRascol to select your film type and other settings every time you add a file. This should match the paper format selected in your application.

Lotus will try to fix this problem in future releases. The following dialog is displayed: On bitmap images, antialiasing offers almost no improvement. Wordpad should look like this now: Connect the film recorder to a parallel port using the cable supplied with your film recorder. Instead of burdening the PC, WinRascol lets the Rascol perform the time- and memory-consuming task of rasterization.

The following dialog will appear: Dropboxes make film recorder sharing very easy.

If a customer requests it I can push this button to notch the film and put a small well placed tiny punched hole between sprocket holes. Screen illustrations in this guide are meant to be representative, not necessarily exact duplicates of lasegrraphics that appear on your video monitor.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The installation is performed in two steps, the initial WinRascol installation and running WinRascol for the first time. Image files in dropbox directories will be automatically deleted after they are printed. It is recommended to use lasergraphixs detection.


However, note that you may not distribute your WinRascol 5 installation disks. An interesting feature about this Bulk film camera is that it has push button switches on the side. I’ve watched all of the youtube videos, websites, I can. There is no need to manage printer drivers separately. Kodak EPP Select the brightness and the desired duration. The Macintosh will need to have read, write, rename and directory access to the drop box directory on the PC.

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Warranty registration enables us to keep you informed of new developments for WinRascol. There MUST be no more than two, and no less than two, terminators on the bus. Do not set the interrupt jumpers, WinRascol does not use interrupt mode.

DPI Dots per inch.

So my point is – choose a ft roll of film which is on my list. The line alternates between the top, center and bottom of the screen. The image will be sent to the queue now.

Make sure to match the paper size and orientation settings of the printer driver with those of your application. Technical Support Department Monday through Friday 7: Resolution 2k 4k 8k 16k Relative resolution 0. The memory available for processing and buffering images on your film recorder can be determined using Diagnostics, selected from WinRascol’s File menu.


Enabling this switch hides the fact that Lasergraphics film recorders are true color devices from applications.

Using WinRascol – Lasergraphics, Inc.

Software Installation This section explains how to install WinRascol on your computer. Note that “sprocket hole” and perf perforation mean the same thing.

The remaining space is filled using the background color. EZ Fuji Superia 4. Note that these slides are not created on my bulk film camera. Not all settings are applicable to all file types.

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The image types that WinRascol recognizes are: Multiple ft reels can be professionally spliced I don’t have any splicing equipment for 35mm I have tons of equipment for 16mm and 8mm and Super8. B 4k resolution 10 frames in 10 minutes 1 minute per frame. Switch boxes are not compatible with film recorders. I’m willing to work with you for cheap so I can learn how to do things. You can also predetermine the file type if you select the file type directly in Open as type.