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Nobody, man including the two fascists ministers , government or court have the right to tell us otherwise. Remember, Christians did not start out as a distinct ethnic group like the Jews or Arabs. Who are the elect? The teachers at the mission schools majority priests would then require sutdents irrespective of their race, religion or religionless β€” to pray a morning prayer in English or even in Iban β€” a christain way, with the sign of cross, etc. This contraversy only came in the last few years β€” where before that it was not the issue. It was the Home Ministry that made this decision on its own. It is hilarious actually.

I agree with you that this matter could have been settled amicably with a little give and take, without involving the Court. Why is this happening in our country? For example, let us read the following quotations:. For you guys out there…. It has been that way. See how We make Our signs clear to them; and see where they are turning away! But of course they are all nabi:

Only then you get the true picture. JMD in house publication of the herald magazine is just They were freddom fighters because they fought for the freedom of their idea of what constitute freedom albieight misguided, I ve read the book also please read the book by Rahid Maidin and Shamshiah Fakeh.

impressing inside out: Dear Allah πŸ™‚

Bagaimanakah pula dengan Kristian? Why the big hassle here? Allah is the name of the god of Islam. And if anyone is interested to know, we do not use the name Allah as and when we like.


The Name Allah: Quid Pro Quo on the Christian Community | jebatmustdie

Then acceptance is also key to religious tolerance. That means they are all nabi. But of course they are all nabi: AIPAC and their likes are free to write anti arabic literature in support of their aims. Some Malays and Indians too were murdered after a trial of the kangaroo court establish by them.

You know nothing is impossible la, bro, especially in Malaysia. From Bahasa Malaysia right?

This could be adjusted for the various regional dialects where applicable and of cause the Malay language allhijrah rich enough to provide various alternatives. But not in Sabah. Adam was put into the Garden to be human, to care for the world, and not to worry about his destiny.

~UMmU ZiYad a.k.a Mrs.Jie~

Saya mesti kelihatan selesa di TV dan semakin biasa dengan alhihrah baru ini, katanya yang bersiaran tiga hingga empat kali seminggu. Go stand at the side The Herald is luckier, it actually got international attention! It took some time for us to think.

Instead of applying your advise EWO that they should not caught up with pedanticsand be grateful of the compromise, they pursued the matter further; suing the govt etc. By the way in United States for example, KKK and other white supremascist are free to march and publish their hateful propoganda. You can legitimately demand of others what you yourself fail to practise.

In this case, if the Muslims of the country are against the usage of Allah in a non-muslim religious context for various reasons, so be it. The population of Malaysia is already 23 million.


I have a lot of cousins who are Roman Catholics mostly from Penampang.

It has been that way. Apa yang disarankan itu adalah dikenali sebagai Fascisme.

Lack of time for preparation and lack of budget, we needed to come up with another plan as soon as possible. Let me tell you this: In order to make something that we acquire so meaningful and precious, we must work for it regardless what people around us will say. It was the Home Ministry that made this decision on its own. A for Freedom fighters most of the aphijrah kill were Chinese allwh Malay Soldiers serving with the British.

These two basic premises form the pillar and ground of the Gospel β€” the Good News ……. Saja kot nak wujudkan perselisihan? What a lenghty discussion this is.

Read the full article at http: This irresponsible act on the part of the Christian theologians in the Malay world must be put to an end at all costs! Rinthere has been a very MASSIVE misconception both in the linguistics syukr well as in the theological sense of associating this issue with the name Allah used by the arabs.