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The Happy and Gay Experience. There was also a great deal of families in the audience, and at least three generations of the families was usually present. The waiters act as the secondary security of the bar. We felt pity towards the old man but at the same time, felt confused if he also found it amusing because he was also laughing even if harsh words were said to him. When people get unruly, so does the arrangement of chairs, which makes moving about a hassle and when people get too into the performances, they begin to forget to purchase drinks or snacks. If you want some daily dose of laughter, Laffline is open from 7pm to 3am all days of the week. I was taken aback when they started delivering explicit and malicious jokes without holding back. People go to comedy bars to have fun and to experience something that they do not usually experience.

He openly answered the questions they asked him and did not feel offended at all. A comedy bar is a place where you temporarily let go of your guard and pretenses while you just enjoy a night out and share a nice laugh with people of different social status, races and sexualities. These different factors visual, auditory and olfactory heightened the energetic and gay pun intended ambiance of the bar. They were making lewd jokes and suggestive action towards the girl. There were children, teenagers, yuppies, and adults all together. Throughout the night, lively music and loud sounds were played on repeat. Even though each one of us has different personalities and social statuses, that place is where everyone meets. Almost all the tables were occupied and some had to even resort to standing up.

You would not even think that they have that sort of talent! Even though this has been a taboo in our society, they would even mention the genital parts and not use pseudonyms for those.

5 Fun Comedy Bars in Metro Manila to Laugh Your Heart Out

We are not particularly sure about this fact. I could barely look towards the audience and I just looked towards the table where my block timkg were. She’s a self-proclaimed alien, passionately weird.


There were at least three rooms: You just have to know entrancce to find the decent and hilarious ones. The joke about people from Visaya would not have translated well if it be heard by a foreigner.

The audience was so amazed to see such a skill and to hear such a beautiful voice. Most of us wanted to tomog home already as it was nearing midnight and we did not even listen to the entertainers.

The stage was simple. After eating we headed to the venue, Laffline. It removes the tensions that our day to day lives have imposed upon us through jokes that rely on shared experiences to make us laugh.

That fact seemed feasible since he knew about the Journalism track tijog Ateneo and not a lot knew about the track system that we have in Communication.

Leave a comment Posted by thehappyandgayexperience on October 6, in Laffline. While they were performing, one of the comedians said how the MTRCB cannot control the material they use on stage. The casual discussion about sex by the performers and the positive response of the audience to these sexual innuendos show that most Filipinos have developed a certain type of comfort and acceptance towards these topics which were considered to be taboo before.

The glitters on their clothes, the sweat on the foreheads sparkled as they were hit by the glare of the spotlights. And that rarely happens! I expected a lot because of the huge price increase, but the whole set was just disappointing. Deep in our hearts, we were nervous. They act the way tmiog do because that is how they are expected to act inside the comedy bar. Come midnight, we were allowed to leave comdy and most of us did with grins on our faces, seemingly satisfied with where our pesos went.

There was also this guy who was trying to stamp us who looked like the existence of everything irritated him.

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The people around us were older and almost all of them were drinking alcoholic drinks. The form of entertainment in that comedy bar, or any other comedy bar, is live. We got a table near the counter where drinks are being prepared and waiters are on standby for orders.


They have to earn a living like everybody in spite of their situation; some were unemployed, and a few of them, with only a certain degree of education, have even resorted to cyber sex and prostitution in other countries.

It is merely an entrance abr. Comedy bars are the new trend of the century, amidst the oil price hike, maltreated Malaysian babies, and the simmering international brawl for that tiny, rocky island. Also the plight of how the gay ,affline never really get true boyfriends and instead get men who are more like prostitutes in that they only stay when you give them money was the subject of entranec of the latter jokes. They were barraging each other with insults and jokes.

Have you ever been to enfrance comedy bar around your area? We may have this notion that balikbayans have a lot of money with them since they work outside the country.

Before the comedians started their rounds of funny insults towards the guests, they apologized and explained clearly the usual happenings in a comedy bar. I could not understand why people kept on laughing when someone was already getting hurt.

Laffline Comedy Bar

For me, it felt out of place, since that was a comedy bar, not a karaoke bar where the design would be more appropriate, although, there were singing performances throughout the night. Aside from taking orders, serving, and collecting song requests, they roam around seating people, and moving people. That would have given my night a perfect entrsnce just kidding.