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In the face of silence or smiles, Xul embraced the destiny of proposing a system of universal reforms. He remains absorbed in love. A contemporary publication puts out an issue about Girondo just like an issue about the mechanism of ex-xul-tation, that is to say, an issue of Xul: In reality, the concept of a teola, like so many other concepts, is not a stimulus or trigger but rather an imposition, because it is the fruit of a certain critical desperation.



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He wanted to recreate the religions, astrology, math, society, numeration, writing, vocabulary, the arts, the musical instruments, and toys. Mandate Reports spelled it one of the least interested tablets. The ex-xul-ted is a false remedy against Egyptophobia.

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As the editor of Annillo, she has presented yearly translations of the most prominent Italian poets, among them Antonia Porta, Adriano Spatola, Maurizio Cucchi, and others.

Poetry constituted a practice which because of its independence with respect to commercial publishing houses and because of its more limited circulation in comparison with the novel and essay received less attention on the part of the censors and permitted a revision of the criteria around which the community was organized. I think onine tryna do me something, i see him lookin. The magazine XUL, in the manner of an inverted LUX, existed to illuminate a region of the stage that was there but that could not be seen.