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Consider the many who only give a show 3 episodes to hook them. I think they are cautious and realize he is a threat but I would say enemy isn’t the right way to look at it. Why does it seem like the better the dialogue, the more painful awkward characterization is? Wow, that was quite the episode. That’s not how forests burn, and if it did have that much energy, then Mirai should be toast as well. I can’t think of anything that makes more sense, though, so I’ll go with your hypothesis. Seriously though, that was awesome and the two should just collaborate already. That sounds the best.

This show is just good solid stuff. I don’t remember seeing the discussion. I think the issue Akihito has with them is they will never just see him for him. And why is that? I’m sure all the big stuff is going to be covered but I want that glance Mirai did after responding to Akihito’s question at the end. At first, I thought she made a ton of money considering how she was stuffing herself at the restaurant.

They episodf really his friends. On the note of the Hollow Shadow’s soul rock thing, the elder sister stole it while everyone was knocked out and replaced it with the other rock. You’d think the Spirit Warrior Society would’ve at least given Mirai some sort of bounty for killing the Hollow Shadow, but apparently not. Because I’m a whiny bitch like that. Which I find incredibly dumb and fanfic-y.

[Spoilers] Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 4 Discussion : anime

Same clothing and not to mention Mitsuki called her onee-sama. Watch after the credits. I think Mitsuki’s actually a bad example to pick here – within her first scene, she’s established as haughty, witty with a anijewaffles specific sense of humorand somewhat apathetic, all attributes which may be somewhat exaggerated due to her obvious and aggressively demonstrated feelings for Akihito, a sentiment he doesn’t return that gives their animrwaffles a clear, understandable emotional undertone.

This shows been getting better with each episode. Not to mention the fact that he was defeated with a hug. Well, I was mainly put off by how quickly Sakura chainsaw-girl was introduced and dismissed.


I’m thinking of a specific scene, but this will have to do.

As Akihito said, she could have kuoukai through the fence or jumped it. What’s up with the escalator turning flat? The way it came in this episode was absolutely perfect too. And dat scene after the credits, quite interesting Screenshots: The whole idea that the Hollow Shadow is one of the biggest baddest youmu around wasn’t conveyed, at all.

He did hesitate in answering where he came from, so this could mean he has some degree of control over his youmu half which makes him a liar or it makes Mirai look worse. Unless that’s what you meant by.

I’m thinking that she thinks that she can get yui back from the hollow shadow. By your standards, all of these characters are static and shallow, existing only to display a few quirks and fufill their roles to push the story forward in a generally predictable straight line. I hope there is more in those realtionships than we see right know. Together they would be unstoppable. So he came out of nowhere, I guess. Hopefully it is a mix of your reasoning and this.

My reading of the incredible combat abilities vs. This one was real intense. The ending with the mysterious man and the hollow shadow stone was also suspicious. Does someone buy them from Ayaka? I still don’t give a damn about any of the characters but the show’s colors are so lush and the action is so fluid that it makes this show worth watching. You don’t enlarge your blood-sword when you’re suffering from anemia Not that it was purely my own easily-abused sentimentality that made all that stuff work.

Now, if you were to say he didn’t necessarily have to KO three experienced shadow warriors to make this point, I wouldn’t put up much of an argument.



Nobody in this show is particularly complex, but it anlmewaffles doesn’t take much. Really hope they give him more motivation than this 4: Do we all agree that Mitsuki has the hots for Akihito? I suppose it will be the former route of the two following usual guidelines.

Kind of seems off topic I suppose. They made the mc look sick when he transformed into a monster. It may be cynical, but it works. Also, wouldn’t anyone else be suspicious that the hollow shadow’s crystal was that piece of crap? I made no specific comment on KnK.

The [Misc Fanart] flair is used to post art in other forms or even in drawings for specific cases that don’t match the two above. Even though he was half, I wasn’t expecting such power, or a great change. It’ll be interesting to see if that thread is picked up again more overtly. Akihito being the obvious suspect. Now she’s seen that those same people are just waiting for the moment it all goes sideways, and it’s apparent that he’s not on the edge of the circle kyokuai of his Youmu blood, he’s smack dab in the middle of the bull’s eye.

I would have rather seen a brutish all claws sort of transformation. I also didn’t expect Senpai to have such a sick looking transformation, animewaffled just a transformation!

I doubt siscon dude would feel nothing after killing Akihito; they seem pretty close. So I guess that’s what he meant with ” I have no friends”.

Everyone has to be around him. Thank you very much. Lots of romance flirtsy cutesy crap in this episode, what with Mirai doing that quick glance back to Akihito near the end and Mirai hugging him to “death”.